Bored to Death Review: "The Gowanas Canal Has Gonorrhea!"

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Last night, Bored to Death finally nailed it! It's still very early on in the season, so the show could go either way, but I do have high hopes for this sitcom...if you know what I mean.

"The Gowanas Canal Has Gonorrhea!" finally put Jonathan in a very realistic, frightening situation that should have happened a long time ago. Reasonably, anyone that is walking around pretending to be a PI should realize that the job can come with certain dangers.

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And last night, the music finally caught up to him. When he destroyed the information from the S&M dungeon, two goons kidnapped him for payment that they felt entitled to. I found it interesting that they didn't wear masks or seriously hurt Jonathan. They even offered him some liquor. Strange, yes, but very amusing none the less.

Probably the best part of last night's episode was George and Ray joining forces to save Jonathan. These two are obviously the stand-outs from the show and having them go in (or try to go in) guns blazing with rubber bullets was comedic genius at work.

The subtle humor throughout the episode killed me. Primarily George and his pot-head ways.

First, he's too stoned off his volcano vaporizer to even pick up a pen and paper to write down the kidnapper's instructions. Then instead of having the walkie talkie device, he has another portable vaporizer. Gosh, I love this man!

I do feel bad that he has prostate cancer and found the situation surprisingly sad for a show like this one. I wonder if his lady doctor will play a larger role and maybe be the light his life has been searching for?

Who am I kidding, that light in his life is Jonathan. These two guys take bromance to another level.

Ray played the role of the sidekick quite well, but I am still just wanting him to have more on air screen time. I am a HUGE fan of Zach and probably think he's one of the funniest guys out there today. I think his role could be a bit bigger.

At the end of the episode, we get introduced to Jonathan's parents in a very weird way. I didn't understand why his dad would even pay the kidnappers anything. Especially since they weren't going to shoot them anyway. Weird scene and even weirder ending scene.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and found myself pleasantly not bored to death. 

Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Bored to Death quotes:

Ray: George, you're the greatest pothead I've ever known. | permalink
Ray: George, I don't like talking on the phone that much, but um you can call me all the time. I won't pick up, but you can leave me a message. | permalink
George: I don't negotiate with kidnapers or terrorists. | permalink
George: We gotta go. We'll be seven minutes early.
Ray: That's hardly a surprise. | permalink
Jonathan: What's your secret?
Kidnapper: Never go to bed angry. Pass this on to you.
Jonathan: Come on that's your secret? Never go to bed angry?! | permalink
George: Jonathan is this a joke? I've already vaporized two bags of pot. | permalink
George: I've never had anything removed before. I mean like my appendix, tonsils, wisdom teeth. I hold onto everything. I'm like a hoarder I guess, I'm like completely intact. | permalink

The Gowanas Canal Has Gonorrhea! Review

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Bored to Death Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Kidnapper: Do you have any rich friends?
Jonathan: Yes, I have one, but I really don't think I should involve my friends.

I've never had anything removed before. I mean like my appendix, tonsils, wisdom teeth. I hold onto everything. I'm like a hoarder I guess, I'm like completely intact.