Supernatural Review: "Weekend at Bobby's"

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Now here is an episode that truly reminded me of the early years of Supernatural.

Before I start the review, I’d like to point out that Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester, directed the episode. For his first directing gig, I was certainly pleased with the result.

Stylistically it felt natural to the shows dark tone, and Jensen utilized pans, zooms, and still shots when the moment called for it. You’d think he’d been doing it for years.

Crowley and Bobby

The episode, “Weekend at Bobby’s,” diverted from the “Sam’s different” and “Angel Civil War” plots in order to focus on the character of Bobby Singer.

Firstly, a flashback jumps us to a year ago, in the aftermath of Sam’s sacrifice and halting of the apocalypse. The demon Crowley had promised that if Lucifer were defeated, he would return Bobby’s soul. Surprise, surprise, he reneged on the deal. Typical demon.

Bobby wastes no time in trying to discover a way to retrieve his soul and has been attempting to do so since that encounter with Crowley one year ago. It was funny watching Bobby break into a library, as most people these days are trying to find ways to not have to go in.

While he mostly plays sidekick to the brothers, Bobby showed that he is a good hunter on his own. Bobby answering the never-ending rings of multiple telephones was not only amusing, but also exemplified that he is a valuable asset to all hunters. Plus, we finally get to see what the grumpy father figure does in his spare time when he’s not helping out the boys.

To add to this insight, Bobby’s neighbor has a crush on him. Finally a lady friend for Bobby! Who says only Dean and Sam get to meet girls? Unfortunately for Bobby this romance is short lived after he tries to save her from an attacking creature.

While I thought the initial scene of the woman flirting with Bobby was awkwardly hysterical, the wood-chipper scene took the cake. Blood and guts were delivered with a comedic interaction as Bobby attempted to take up the woman’s offer. Guess the whole monsters and blood covered bodies isn’t really one of her turn-ons. Poor Bobby.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are out hunting a monster called a Lamia, normally found in Greece. The scene in the church was hilarious. Sam being thrown around and Dean sarcastically telling Bobby his plan didn’t work felt like old times. You’d think we were back in an episode of season 2.

This feeling continued when Bobby summoned the ghost of Crowley’s dead son in an attempt to bargain for his soul. Wow. When is the last time these guys have dealt with ghosts? We are certainly getting a lot packed into one episode.

We even learn that if you burn the remains of a demon, they are eliminated forever. This was a trick that only applied to ghosts previously. It’s a nice expansion on the lore and allowed for Sam and Dean to play their part in the central plot. Crowley has no choice but to return Bobby’s soul. Well done boys, well done.

So for many who have felt that Supernatural has been dragging, not answering questions, or even feeling nothing like seasons past, this episode delivered:   

  • The return of Bobby’s soul was completed in one episode, not over multiple episodes.
  • Ghosts, monsters, demon deals, and the usual hunting expeditions took place.
  • Despite Dean mentioning Sam’s new changes, the brothers worked together as a team.
  • Returning characters like Rufus, Sheriff Jody Mills, and Crowley helped flesh out Bobby’s character, but also maintained the show’s continuity.
  • Crowley is now King of Hell, and he’s not having the most fun time doing it.

The episode ended on a humorous closed ended note with Bobby thinking he can finally take a break, only to have him get up and answer the telephone again.

This season, although I have no idea where it is going, is definitely keeping me glued to the television. I didn’t mind not having Sam and Dean as central characters although I am eager to see what’s in store for them next week. Plus, the introduction of international creatures and mythology is an intriguing aspect. Why are all these monsters spreading out and acting unusual? As for Crowley, that is certainly not the last we have seen from him.

What do you think is in store for Sam and Dean? What are you hoping this season delivers? Don’t you wish Bobby could find a nice woman who understands his world?

Weekend at Bobby's Review

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