Modern Family Review: Take That, Smoke Detectors!

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It looks like someone at ABC got the memo: Modern Family viewers are intelligent enough to grasp sweet moments between characters without the need for a cheesy narration to sum up the week's theme.

On "Chirp," we were treated to a pair of storylines that elicited the show's usual laughter, but concluded in legitimately nice, emotional scenes, both especially welcome because no one sat on a couch and explained to us what these conversations meant in any grander scheme.

Mother/Daughter Bonding

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They really didn't need to. For as mature as Manny almost always is (he tried to hire legal counsel this week and was upset when Jackson usurped his forklifting pun/joke), he's still a 12-year old boy in need of his step-father's love and affection.

That's what made the concluding back and forth between him and Jay so special. The latter plays the role of exasperated elder perfectly, even getting annoyed by Manny questioning his reference to him as "my kid." Of course you're my kid, give me a break, Jay responds. Kudos to the series for staying true to Jay's character here and refraining from milking this exchange for extra sap.

As for Phil, most of the episode was filled with his usual hijinks - pardon him, hot gym dude, he just burned his lady fingers; I just detected your ass getting kicked! - but wrapped up with the most realistic moment in the show's history.

The California housing market really is a mess. Phil really would be struggling and, from what we know of him, he really would keep that anything sad from his family. His line about how scary the last month has been was as sincere as anything I can recall coming out of any character's mouth to date.

But enough with the summation, I know. Readers just wanna browse through the week's best Modern Family quotes, many of which we've listed below. Enjoy!

Luke: Is that your cheerleading baton?
Phil: Not when you're on the business end of it! | permalink
Manny: Where did I hear that siren?
Jay: That was your mother screaming.
Gloria: I wasn't that bad.
Jay: Cars were pulling over. | permalink
Phil [to Luke]: You're worried about germs? I've seen you kiss a pigeon on the mouth. | permalink
Mitchell [to Cam]: You did one production of Godspell in a barn. You're barn folk! | permalink
Claire: Did you make the ladyfingers? Did you go to the gym?
Phil: Boy, you're really starting to sound like your old self. | permalink
Jay: We finish each other's sentences. Like, tonight we are going to... Gloria: Have so much fun! | permalink
Manny: I see you're still forklifting.
Jackson: More like lifting the fork!
Manny: I was gonna say that! | permalink

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Manny: I see you're still forklifting.
Jackson: More like lifting the fork!
Manny: I was gonna say that!

Luke: Is that Mom's apron?
Phil: It's an apron.