Fairly Legal Review: "Benched"

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How cute are Justin and Kate?!?

On “Benched," the pair only shared one scene that involved them actually speaking to one another, and admittedly that was over the phone, but these two clearly have chemistry.

Judge Nicastro and Kate

Last week, we saw glimpses of why this couple got divorced. But "Benched" illustrated why they were together in the first place. 

Justin is still so in love with Kate.  He wants to do something nice for her birthday, but he doesn’t know what would make her happy.  Which I suppose goes back to why they split. These two are both complicated and very sweet and I find myself looking forward to the Justin and Kate scenes in each episode.

I was thrilled to see Judge Nicastro back. I hope the show continues to flesh out this relationship. It is all the more fun because Kate herself doesn’t seem to know where she stands with him, though he obviously respects her.  He wouldn’t ask her to mediate a case involving someone he cares about if he didn’t.

I admit I spent most of the case trying to figure out the father’s motivations.  Why wouldn’t you want your son thoroughly checked out at the hospital after he passed out?  I couldn’t figure out his behavior until Kate made the drug connection.  Feeding your own child steroids in the hopes of a football scholarship is exceedingly low and was an interesting twist I didn’t see coming.

Then, there is Lauren.  To Kate and Leo, she appears rigid and cold, but as Andrew flirted with her, you could see the sorrow she feels over the death of her husband. It was subtly played, yet painful to watch.

Fairly Legal is fast becoming one of my favorite new shows. It has fun stories, likeable characters, and complicated relationships. What did everyone else think of this week's episode?

Benched Review

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