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On the third episode of Fairly Legal:

- Kate’s neighbor, Andrew is about to have his boat seized by customs for not filing the proper paperwork.  Lauren takes the pro bono case, shocking Kate.  Lauren says there is the possibility that Andrew’s father is a billionaire and this favor may help the firm later.

- Judge Nicastro asks Kate to mediate a case between a high school and its football coach.  The coach is on video shoving and yelling at one of his players.  The boy’s father is furious and wants him fired.  Coach Gardner once coached Nicastro’s son and he asks Kate to make sure he is treated fairly.

- The coach walks out of mediation and Kate knows he’s hiding something.  She later finds out that the video taped scene was an act.  Coach found out Rick was taking steroids.  He made him stop but didn’t want him to get kicked off the team so he benched him until the drugs were out of his system.  Later he found out that Rick’s father was giving him the steroids.

- Kate and Judge Nicastro offer Rick’s father a deal.  He goes for mandatory counseling and sign’s Rick over into Coach Gardner’s custody for the rest of the school year and they won’t press charges.  He agrees.

- Justin asks Leo to help him find the perfect birthday gift for Kate.  Leo takes Justin’s credit card and says he’ll buy her an iPad.  When Kate opens her gift, it is a boat toaster and she loves it.  Justin calls Leo and asks how he knew she’d love it.  Leo says she lives on a boat and loves toast.  He also thanks Justin for the iPad.  It was Leo’s fee for his help.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

We don't board. We don't seize. We are not pirates.


Kate: Please, reschedule for later on today.
Leo: Great.
Kate: Why is that great?
Leo: I thought you were going to ask me to chase him down the stairs.