Fairly Legal Review: "The Two Richards"

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There are moments in life that change everything. By the conclusion of "The Two Richards," I was left wondering if Kate Reed experienced one of these.

Think about it: Richard’s accident was a moment that changed his life forever. Could David Smith be just as significant to Kate? I was thrilled we got back to this mystery, but it certainly left us with more questions than answers. Not that I'm complaining.

Teddy Reed left a quarter of his estate to Smith and then he turned around and signed that inheritance over to Kate. Not Spencer Reed, not Lauren Reed, just Kate. Why?!?

Kate on Fairly Legal

Sarah Shahi gave us a subtle performance that was all in Kate’s eyes. Her intensity, her tenacity... even Smith knew she wasn’t walking away. He and Teddy shared a secret and Kate won’t rest until she finds out what it was.

A huge plus for this story was that it incorporated Richard Dean Anderson into an already talented cast. I don’t know who I’ll want to see more often, him or Gerald McRaney. What a great problem to have.

On other fronts, Lauren continued to be underestimated by her peers. Another attorney walked into her office and told her she wasn’t capable of running Reed & Reed. Despite the frustration of being viewed as Teddy’s younger blonde wife, Lauren sustained her professional demeanor. Every week, someone takes a shot at her competence and ability and I’m impressed by her consistent fortitude.

Once again, I found myself enamored with Justin and Kate. Their opening scene had me laughing. I kept asking why can’t the naked man on the balcony be Michael Trucco and then, lo and behold, they gave me a naked Michael Trucco on his balcony! Certain things were left to the imagination, but I very much appreciated the sense of fun.

I'm gonna go picture that scene some more, in fact. What did everyone else think of the episode?

The Two Richards Review

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Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Justin: Did you know that in San Francisco it's not illegal to be naked as long as you're not trying to arouse yourself or others?
Kate: Well I thought that was the whole point of being naked.

You should always assume I have your best interest at heart, even if I don't. It will make both our lives much easier.