Shameless Review: "It's Time To Kill The Turtle"

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There’s nothing quite like a TV crossover.

In “It's Time To Kill The Turtle,” we had a nice little taste of Big Love, sprinkled in with our weekly Shameless meal. Due to the inclusion of Steve’s alleged polygamy and Kevin and Veronica’s foster kid, I had to double check what I was watching for a moment. In all seriousness, I actually did have to rewind the scene when Steve, or shall I say Jimmy, went to his family’s home.

Veronia and Kevin

We all knew there was something shady about that guy; specifically Fiona, who thought it was too good to be true. I know I said last week that she should cut him a break, but since when is my judgment great when it comes to guys?

Fiona was right in keeping her guard up and now I just feel bad for calling her out. Good thing she has Debbie to do the sleuthing for her. If it weren’t for Debbie, she probably never would’ve found out about “Candace” or had any inkling of suspicion.

Okay, so who is Candace? Was she the blonde who greeted Steve with a kiss? What could’ve been so urgent at home that he literally ran out mid-sex? Not to mention, Steve apparently comes from a wealthy family and probably doesn’t need to steal cars for a living. So what gives? Justin Chatwin’s character just got a helluva lot more interesting.

Back in Shameless-land, Kevin and Veronica are prepping for their new foster child. Kevin really wants the whole Daddy experience, but Veronica only wants the money. I think it’s safe to say that they were more than surprised when a Mormon, child-bride, sister-wife, 13-YEAR OLD GIRL showed up at their door. She was depressed when she didn’t have chores to do and she thought “playtime” meant Kevin wanted to have sex with her. The poor innocent girl laying on the bed for Kevin was just a killer.

I know this scenario was thrown in to be comedic, but I ended up feeling really bad for this girl. She’s just barely a teenager and it seems like she’s already been so taken advantage of. Veronica may only be in it for the cash, but I think she and Kevin really ought to give this girl some semblance of a different life. Even it’s filled with their usual ridiculous shenanigans, this could be an interesting change for all parties.

Kevin and Veronica might not be what social services consider typical “role models,” but that’s what I love about them. They can be boozy nymphomaniacs who also care deeply for the people in their lives and know how to be supportive.

Then we have Frank. Two whole weeks sober for 3G? Sorry, but there’s no way. In real life his withdrawal symptoms would probably lead him to a seizure. It’s sad that his own family prefers him drunk because at least then they know what to expect from him.

Frank didn’t even get the best monologue of the episode. That award goes to the professor trying to woo Lip. The whole bit about him “accidentally” knocking up Karen and not making it to assistant manager at Best Buy had me cracking up. I agree. Lip can do better than Karen, who definitely still hooks up with other dudes behind his back. It’s also clear that he’s very intelligent and the professor’s offer is not something to shrug off.

It looks like my previous complaints about lack of backstory will finally get touched upon next week. Looking forward to more from Steve’s family and the Gallagher’s mother.

It's Time To Kill The Turtle Review

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