South Park Review: "T.M.I."

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After three direct satires, South Park returned to just a regular "Cartman is an asshole" kind of episode with "T.M.I."  They also brought back a theme familiar to South Park: small penises.

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No, this time it wasn't the Japanese.  This time it was Cartman and pretty much any angry person on the planet from Tea Party-style people with too strong of political agendas to gangsta wanna be's whose moms straight be trippin'.

While the concept of less endowed men driving bigger cars and having anger complexes is far from new, Matt Stone and Trey Parker took it to the South Park level with terrorist like demands.

Speaking of which, I don't care how many times Cartman has found himself in these positions of power for fifteen years, it never ceases to make me laugh when he'll always use his power to rub it in Kyle's face.  "Is the team standing by to f**k that little boy Kyle?"  It's just such a great reminder that Cartman is still a fourth grader.

Also back in the limelight this week was one of my other favorite characters, Randy Marsh.  Randy was not only typical Randy, but even teamed up with Cartman.  With these two, you knew you were in for some comedic gold.

I may have previously stated I was done complimenting the show's ridiculous turnaround speed for topical jokes... but then they made a reference to a story that broke the day before: Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress!  Hehe, Terminator 5 with Skeletor.  Impressive, guys.

Overall, it may not have been the most clever or original story line in the show's history, but they had me laughing and got their point across - "don't be an asshole."  That and penis size can't just be determined by length.

What did you guys think?  Any great South Park quotes to submit from the episode?  And why does T.M.I. stand for in respect to penis size?  (Besides the obvious Too Much Information).  And please, no sizes in your comments...  13 here.

T.M.I. Review

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