Futurama Review: "The Tip of the Zoidberg"

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"The Tip of the Zoidberg" was a big improvement from last week.

When Zoidberg is used well, he’s usually one of the funniest characters on the show. The montage that featured Zoidberg working to fix all of his mistakes was fantastic. The blatant references to The Simpsons, Garfield, The Muppets, and The Smurfs were great. As was watching Zoidberg’s “fixes” get worse and worse.

Professor and Dr. Zoidberg

I guess the “M”D on the door was right.

Getting a little bit of history between the Professor and Zoidberg was also nice to see. I’ve always wondered why Zoidberg continued to hang around everyone even though he was always picked on. It was simple: he values his friendship with the professor.

He even went as far as to keep the promise he made of killing him when his incurable disease came back. Of course, it has to be a surprise... which lead to the greatest invention ever: the Murderlator. Not only will it kill someone, it’ll even chop your salad! Like Alton Brown, I like my gadgets to have more than one use.

Overall, “The Tip of the Zoidberg” was a fantastic return to form after last week’s stumble. My only wish was for more sand crabbing. Check out the top Futurama lines the installment now!

The Tip of the Zoidberg Review

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