Supernatural Round Table: "Season 7, Time For a Wedding"

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Sam got married, sort of, on Supernatural last Friday night, as "Season 7, Time For a Wedding" poked fun at TV shows' unflinching desire to incorporate such events in one form or another.

How did our Round Table team of Carissa Pavlica, Kate Moon and Sean McKenna like the episode?

Glad you asked. Read through their discussion below and, as always, jump in with your thoughts:


Did you enjoy the wedding premise?

Carissa: No. I will start right out and say this was one of the worst episodes of Supernatural in years. Bringing back that annoying Becky wasn't fun or quirky. I hated it.

Kate: I found it to be pretty entertaining but it could've been done better.  I really enjoy Supernatural's meta episodes and expected that Becky's return would be far more interesting.  There wasn't much of a set-up going into it so it was a little confusing in the beginning.  But seeing Dean wrestle with his disgust and worry was pretty funny.

Sean: I enjoyed Dean’s looks of dismay and disbelief, but it wasn’t the best in terms of story. Rather it was a forced plot device that gave us too much Becky. She got old pretty fast.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of DJ Qualls as the new hunter, Garth?

Carissa: He's always amusing, but I don't think we'll be seeing him again.

Kate: Funny but underused.  Might be kind of awesome to see him and Becky together in the future. 

Sean: I thought he was a fresh and interesting take on the hunter. I wish he had more screen time and can only hope (although doubtful) that he will make a return down the road.

Crowley is back. Do you think he has any larger plans under wraps?

Carissa: I hope so. I hope he has more up his sleeve if only to save us from the path this season is currently falling down. Or, off. The Leviathan killed Cass (CASS!) and we're rarely seen any of our other favorites. Please let Crowley ride in to save the day and save us from the season getting any worse.

Kate: After being so rudely insulted by the Leviathan leader, I'd love to see him and the brothers team up temporarily to take down the Bigger Bad. Crowley's a survivor.  Whatever he has planned will ensure his safety. 

Sean: I hope so too because he’s a fascinating bad guy. Frankly the Leviathan story remains in the wind and I can only hope for some diabolical twist the brothers never saw coming.

Can Dean define himself as more than just a protective brother?

Carissa: Yes. That he wants to is the first step. Worrying about Sam has been tearing him up inside and he lost himself. A self he had a pretty good grasp of just one season ago. I want strong, self-absorbed Dean to come around.

Kate: Should he?  Not that I'm not open to Dean having his own life and some meaningful relationships outside of Sam once in a while, but that's Dean's personality. He's the older brother who's just always trying to do the right thing.  Maybe if he weren't so moral and protective, he wouldn't be as good of a hunter either. I love tortured Dean!

Sean: I don’t mind Dean as the protective brother as long as he’s not overprotective. I just hope he remains at his wise cracking, womanizing best and continues to work with and trust his brother.

Where do you think the season is headed besides returning to the monsters of the week?

Carissa: Monsters of the week would be the best place for it to head, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Kate: Hopefully to the demise of the Leviathan. I'm definitely a girl who appreciates a nice arc. I don't mind alternating between the monsters-of-the-week and the Leviathan... as long as they become cooler.

Sean: I think the monsters of the week is a great return, but the larger story arc of the Leviathan isn’t peaking my interest when compared to some of the other “bads” the brothers have faced. It makes me wish that Misha Collins as an overly animated and psychotic Leviathan was still around instead of the “I’m hungry and have a plan that no one knows about” Leviathan. It would be nice to find a solid and exciting balance between the smaller and larger plots that hang on endings that make you can’t wait for next week.

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