Supernatural Review: Sam Got Married?!?

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Ring those church bells because Sam Winchester got hitched! And then he pulled a Kim Kardashian right afterward.

Supernatural poked fun at television series' apt desires to throw in a wedding with the perfectly titled, "Season 7, Time for a Wedding!" The idea of any form of nuptials on this show seems rather far-fetched, especially with the circumstances the brothers constantly find themselves in. Let's face it, there is way too much danger and monster bloodshed to allow for any form of cutesy, doves flying, returning characters for the special occasion, finally-it-happened type of wedding. Sorry, Becky. Sorry fans that wish they could tie the knot with Sam Winchester.

Dean's shocked and confused facial expressions were both humorous and exactly what I was thinking. Shouldn't she have asked for his permission or something? It was too soon, too fast, and with a girl who was a super fan practically borderlining on crazy. She did give him love potion after all.

It felt rather weird for the brothers to split up again, especially after they made up last episode and agreed to continue on together. Instead, love-struck Sam spent a majority of his time with Becky while Dean teamed up with quirky hunter, Garth.

DJ Qualls on Supernatural

All I have to say on that matter is there was way too much Becky and not nearly enough Garth.

While Becky may have been a returning character from the brother's past, she simply got on my nerves. For the most part I just wished she would stop talking and stop appearing on screen. She worked as a fun character before because she didn't overtake scenes and was mostly in the background, good for a few laughs and jabs at the world of Supernatural fandom.

Sure, in the end she saved the day and refused to give in to her deepest desires, but - ugh! - that girl became too annoying.

On the other hand, DJ Qualls inserted genius life into his scrawny, geeky hunter. Known to play similar roles that are entertaining and endearing, Qualls showed that not every hunter has to be hardened and angry. You don't need to be gruff and buff to be good at stopping the things that go bump in the night. And I say good because he hasn't managed to get himself killed. He must be doing something right.

Garth was such a memorable character because he was an unusual individual. He was so laid back and off the wall that it felt fresh and fun. Teaming up with Dean, laughing at Marmaduke, and rushing excitedly into the house with his gun drawn had me wanting more. Plus, he wasn't simply a sidekick. He managed to miss a majority of the fight with the crossroads demon because he was knocked out, but he did come up with a plan in working with Dean and he even discovered the link to all the deaths.

I hope Qualls is able to come back for another episode and show some more of his unique skills, style, and attitude to the Winchester brothers. He fits in perfectly with the team.

It's interesting that the crossroads demons were re-introduced. It's been a long time since Sam and Dean have had to deal with them and their soul stealing deals. Is there a larger reason than to bring in Crowley?

Of course, Crowley is a fantastic bad guy and Mark Sheppard continues to live it up as the character. Was it just me or did he seem more evil and menacing than before? Was it the beard? I have to say, it's certainly a good look for the King of Hell. Plus, talk about a guy committed to his job and people's perceptions of his "work." I have a feeling that crossroads demon didn't get just a time out.

And while I know it was quick line thrown in, I'm glad that the lack and relative absence of demons was finally explained. It was all because Crowley told them to steer clear of Sam and Dan. I've always wondered what happened and if they were gone for good. I'm glad they aren't because nothing says creepy like flicking your eyes to black and red.

The brother bonding and reflection sessions continued as well, as Dean finally admitted that he and Sam don't always have to be together. Yet, it also sparked Sam's comment about allowing Dean to now focus on himself. That final face Dean made looked as if he wasn't sure if he could even follow that advice. After all, the guy has spent practically his entire life protecting his brother. Who is he if he's not doing the caring?

It's great that Supernatural is managing to revive the monster hunting that first made the show. I'm glad the brothers are growing for themselves and their own relationship. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the story is headed and this worries me a little. I hope that the rest of the season can make the Leviathan actually scary and actually a threat, while at the same time construing episodes together in a tighter story fashion that feels more complete and as a whole.

Don't get me wrong, Supernatural remains entertaining, but I'm still waiting for that larger kick that punches the show up a notch and escalates the danger, tension, and goals. I'm ready for "Season 7, Time for Something Big to Happen!"

What did you think of the episode? What do you think of the season so far? Sound off below!

Season 7, Time for a Wedding! Review

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