Modern Family Review: Green with Envy

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If jealousy is a sickness, everyone on Modern Family should have been hospitalize this week.

Indeed, while "Me? Jealous?" once again featured a lot of in-fighting, I'm happy to note the sitcom finally shook things up and took the familial squabbles to new territory.

One thing that remains steadfast on Modern Family is that couples will argue. Cam will get mad at Mitchell for being uptight, Mitchell at Cam for being dramatic; Claire gets peeved at Phil and then she starts nagging; Gloria gets upset when Jay isn't passionate enough. You get the picture, right? Here, though, I was excited to see the tension grow between different pairings for a change.

Greg Kinnear on Modern Family

Hands down, my favorite family feud of the episode was between Cam and Gloria. They're both dramatic, passionate and intense, so normally they get along quite well. But when trapped under the same roof, even the most like-minded people can start to rub each other the wrong way.

Sure, they were both being super-sensitive here, but that's how Cam and Gloria can be. Honestly, this is one of the first weeks that I actually found Gloria to be really enjoyable. Actually the last episode when she jumped in the pool after Stella was pretty wonderful, but in general I find her character to get pigeonholed a bit.

In the past I might have said who really cares if someone rearranged your kitchen if they are just trying to help you out? But as I've grown up a bit, I realize I would feel a little territorial, too. Gloria is more of a homemaker than she gives herself credit for and Cam was just doing it out of love. He was also doing it out of insecurity that she and Lily were bonding so much, but he dropped that act the minute Lily handed him that leopard apron.

The truth is, all jealousy stems from insecurity. Phil's schtick is his humor, so while he wasn't really threatened to think Tad (Greg Kinnear) might've been hitting on his wife. However, the second Claire laughed at Tad's joke Phil became the green-eyed monster. Phil knows he has a hot wife and that people may hit on her but he also knows that she loves him and would never stray. He also probably knows deep down that his humor is kind of corny, so sure, he wants to be the one to make the love of his life giggle.

The sister jealousy is so obvious I barely need to delve into it, but for the sake of Betty Luke and his tennis ball boobies, I will. First of all, I just need to mention how hilarious it is that Haley tried to put down "Big Sister" on her college application - because that's so Haley. As for the jealousy, well, Haley is never nice to Alex and as much as Alex pokes fun at her big sis, she just wants her to love her and pay attention to her.

Any younger sibling can likely tell you as much. I'm the youngest of five and not all sisters are best pals in their teenage years. Did you relate to any of the arguments this week? Or were you the peacemaker like Manny?

Overall, Luke looked great in drag, there were lots of funny quotes, but I would've loved to see some more from Greg Kinnear as Phil's new business associate. Maybe in the weeks to come.

Me? Jealous? Review

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