Brant Daugherty Interview: Is Noel on The A Team?

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Is Noel Kahn a member of The A Team? What role will this character play on the recently-announced Pretty Dirty Secrets? What can we expect from Noel as Pretty Little Liars Season 3 progresses?

I chatted up Brant Daugherty this week and posed these very same questions and many more to the actor...


Do you think Noel knew Maya was staying in his family’s cabin?
Yes, I don’t think there’s any way he didn’t know she was there considering that Noel and Eric use it as their party house. He clearly knew the house had a secret room and supposedly sent Spencer the video from the camera outside, so I think it’s safe to say he knew she was there.

Smooch for Spencer

How well do you think Noel knew Maya?
They knew each other better than we thought. They had more interaction than we’ve seen so far. Really all we’ve seen of them is last season when Noel helps her out with her phone briefly, but he was letting her stay at the cabin and did certainly have that video of her being attacked, so I think there’s more to that relationship.

What do you think the odds are of Noel being one of the As?
Well, that’s the big question, isn’t it? There’s enough evidence to go either way at this point. Now we know he didn’t kill Maya, but he also has a grudge with the liars and kind of a tendency to show up at suspicious times, which I would say is a red flag.

How do you feel playing a character so high on the A list?
Hearing the theories from the fans from who may or may not be on the A list, and being able to be a part of the theories and to know that your character is having an effect on the audience…that’s the goal. It’s very rewarding. I love hearing it.

Could Aria’s rejection have anything to do with Noel’s A list candidacy?
I will say this: when Noel first finds out about Aria and Ezra, he thinks that she’s being taken advantage of. But when he realizes that Aria is actually choosing Ezra over him, that’s gotta have a profound effect on Noel. He’s betrayed and you add in the fact that Aria got Noel suspended and that gives him a pretty strong motive to get back at her.

Could Noel’s rejection have anything to do with Mona’s?
That’s a little trickier. I think Mona had her own motivations to be A. I do think that Noel really hurt her and their breakup gave her the push to take action at the end of season two, but I think she had a separate reason to do what she did.

What drew Noel to Jenna?
Noel’s always had a thing for Jenna. If you watch last year’s Halloween episode, he makes a bee line to her and hits on her as soon as she shows up at the party. They both have problems with the girls nowadays, the liars, and I think in part bonded over their mutual anger. That’s not to say they’re only together solely to get revenge, but there’s definitely something there between them.

Is there anything else you would like viewers to be on the lookout for with regard to Noel?
He was always such a loyal character in season one, and we really don’t know where his allegiances lie at this point. It’s so much fun playing a mysterious character and I’m so  happy the audience is reacting to it, I just can’t wait to keep exploring it and I hope the audience is there with me. I will also say we are doing a supplementary Web series.

It just started shooting, and it takes place in the events during our summer finale and the Halloween episode so it’s kind of supplementary information on our characters that will get you up to speed for when our Halloween episode debuts. It’s fantastic. They’re little short, dramatic teases that are very well written and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Can you give us anything to forward to for the return of Pretty Little Liars Season 3?
Be on the lookout for Noel. That’s all I’ll say for now. He’s got a couple tricks up his sleeve. I can’t give too much away yet!

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