The L.A. Complex Review: Baggage

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"Stay" showcased a much lighter side of The L.A. Complex.

Even though there was a statue thrown, the episode didn't end with anyone overdosing, dying or burning themselves with a tea kettle. So, cheers for a less downer episode. Of course, it wouldn't be The L.A. Complex if it wasn't ripe with drama at every turn.

Nick Finds Inspiration

Let's start with Beth and Simon. After looking all over Los Angeles and enlisting Cam and Kevin for help, Simon turns up in Connor's new place. And since Connor just lost his old makeshift family, he is primed to adopt a new one. Poor Connor. The guy just can't catch a break. 

His character interests me because while he's so generous to those around him (keeping Eric around, getting everyone at the Lux pizza), his motives are so self-serving. Raquel is right. He really can't be alone, so wherever he goes, he attempts to create a family.

It was great seeing Jennifer and Eric's reactions to Connor's naive plans about a road trip to Salinas. He doesn't get it. And why should he? He is completely arrested as far as relationships go. That's why it was only a matter of time before he'd run into Beth and Simon, who desperately need someone to take them in and feed them. Connor will feel needed and Simon and Beth won't go hungry.  Done.

As for this woman who is claiming to be Connor's sister? Well, it's clear she knows how to play him. I'm not sure what she wants, but her motives are completely impure. She'll scam him and I'm sure it will lead to Connor getting hurt. I wonder how far he'll go to punish himself for it.

On to Raquel, who finally gave up on the on-camera manipulations and strove to help Zach, the vulnerable young man who overdosed last week...

One has to wonder just how true to life these shows are. It's upsetting if there is any truth to the idea that he can't get out of his contract to get actual help that is not televised. Good for Raquel for walking out with her dignity somewhat intact. Although just how in debt is she going to be after the Cactabear 2 disaster and now this? But who knows, maybe walking off the show will be good for her reputation.

Speaking of walking out in a huff, Kal certainly wasn't happy with the way Chris ended things this week. Tariq was content with being closeted, but not Chris. Chris wants to get to know Kal, not just who he is in the bedroom. Kal is unwilling to discuss anything personal with Chris, nor is he willing to even admit being gay to a person he's seeing. All that baggage and the limited knowledge of Tariq moves Chris to ask Kal to leave. 

As for Kal's visit to see Infinite Jest, I'm wondering if it was even necessary. I keep expecting Jest to confront Kal about being gay, but he claims to just be angry about the hypocritical nature of his rap lyrics. For example, rapping about being poor while living in a mansion. I'm curious if we'll see Jest again. I could probably go for another rap-off.

Abby had a much happier week. And, surprise, it has to do with a guy she meets, Gray. Nice to see her feeling more upbeat, especially considering how down she was last week. I would love for some storyline with Abby to end with her feeling some level of self-satisfaction that has nothing to do with a man. But that's just one woman's opinion. Thoughts?

Nick and Sabrina also had an easy week, although Nick's journey to find material for his comedy routine did involve some odd encounters. I'm partial to the garage guy over the bridge lady. Good for them... a little boring for us. 

I'm excited to see Raquel and Connor back in the same building again. Scenes between these two rank high for me. And hopefully, Chris isn't gone for good. He could bring out some really positive changes in Kal. 

Stay Review

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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Eleanor: How would you like to skip 40 years of fumbling around in the dark and really learn how to please a lady?
Nick:I would know what I'm doing.
Eleanor: I can tell you without a doubt you do not know what you're doing.
Nick: Are you talking about a verbal lesson?
Eleanor: No, one learns by doing, Nick.

Ricky: You have two faces and I don't like either face!
Raquel: All right. You don't seem to be alone in that.
Ricky: Oh, boo hoo. I don't cry for the puppet master. I cry for the puppet.