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Mindy Kaling flexed her star-studded rolodex again this week, as Seth Myers guest-starred as a possible love interest for The Mindy Project's title character.

"Hiring and Firing" featured the same brand of witty pop culture references and dialogue that made the series premiere so likeable, but the clear tone of the show has yet to be solidified, considering the storyline here teetered on the edge of absurd at times.

The line about not standing next to someone you know after running into them on the subway was spot on, but her audible narrating would have had me looking to get off at the next stop, just like it did Danny. People talking loudly to themselves on the train is nothing new to New Yorkers, but Mindy doing so was a not-so-interesting brand of crazy.

Mindy with a Smirk

The writing rebounded, though, as Mindy recounted how she met a new man (Myers) while in a bookstore. Her habit of going to such stores not to buy books but to look at them so she can later order them online is definitely something I am guilty of. I even know how coveted certain tote bags can be, as I myself have been reprimanded at home for using ones from Lululemon for inconsequential tasks.

Where Mindy started to lose me was when she not once but three times was disappointed with the taste of her frozen yogurt. Who doesn't ask for a sample of a new flavor before committing to a whole cup? For a show that seems so in tune with city life, this was a little off.

Then, we met Beverly, who was so negligent you had to wonder how she had held her nursing job to begin with. The joint search for her replacement, however, was by far the best aspect of the episode, highlighted by their sibling-like argument in Dr. Schulman's office. Mindy's line about the difference between tattling and whistleblowing, was one of the top Mindy Project quotes of the half hour.

Jeremy's efforts to fire Beverly turned into an awkward walk in the park and really was nothing more than filler. The same could be said about Mindy's scene with Gwen (Anna Camp) whose role is still not yet clear based on what we've seen thus far. Her ridiculous attempt to take a picture of Joaquin Phoenix through a veil of her own hair, I have to believe, did little to endear her to viewers.  

The episode finished on a strong note, though, as Morgan came to Mindy's aid and stopped the bleeding and returned the air in the room to order. My biggest laugh of the night came when Danny screamed at Mindy "stop freaking out!"

There was plenty of sexual tension between the two doctors again, capped by a return ride on the subway where we saw Danny reading Catching Fire. Initially I chalked this detail up as another strike against the writers, because a guy like Danny who scoffed at the Downton Abbey fandom last week would never be caught reading such a mainstream book like that. (For the record, I read the entire trilogy).

What, if though, it was instead a subtle hint that Danny is perhaps more like Mindy than he cares to admit?

What did you think?

Hiring and Firing Review

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