90210 Midseason Report Card: B

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90210 celebrated a milestone toward the end of 2012, hitting its 100th episode right before its extended holiday hiatus.

So what better time to evaluate The CW drama? On the heels of our Big Bang Theory Report Card and Vampire Diaries Report Card, we evaluate the lives of Naomi, Silver and company below and then ask readers to weigh in:

What grade would you give 90210 Season 5 so far?

90210 Cast Celebration

Best Character: Naomi. There is never a character as “on” and as entertaining as Naomi Clark. She keeps the spark alive on the show. As all the others waver between crappy plotlines and shining moments, but Naomi always holds true.

Worst Character: Navid. He has been nothing but a pain in the ass and a life-ruiner this season. He’s jealous, impulsive and a complete 180 from the sweet caring guy we first met. I can only hope that his recent apology will remain steadfast.

Best Episode: "902-100!" I can’t believe we made it 100 episodes in Beverly Hills. It was great to go back and revisit who everyone was in high school because it gave them all a reality check. Were they living their dreams? Have they changed for the better? Naomi’s apology speech was the best.

Worst Episode: "The Sea Change." Why was this the worst episode of 90210 season five? I can simply refer to the part where Vanessa fake plummeted to her death from the balcony. That was some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen.

Biggest WTF moment: Liam’s crazy bodyguard kidnapping him. And we thought Vanessa was an insane bitch! She got a full large tattoo of him on her back and currently has him tied up in a basement.

Most Obvious Reveal: Alec was in love with Max. We all knew he was obsessed with Max, it was just a question of “does he want to be Max or does he want to be with Max?"

Hopes for 2013: I hope Liam gets rescued! I want the writers to give Annie and Riley a real chance, but if that doesn’t happen then I want her back with Liam. Hopefully, Naomi can save her marriage, Dixon and Ade can get some better storylines and Silver can get pregnant from a random sperm donor who isn’t going to take her to court before the baby is even conceived!

Overall Grade: B.

YOUR turn, 90210 Fanatics: What grade would you give Season 5 so far?

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It was great seeing you Dad and...I'm gay.

Teddy [leaving his father a voicemail]

Maybe when you don't get what you want you realize there may be something better.

Jeremy [Annie's new love interest]