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Dear Community,

I know things have been kind of weird between us lately. You've been going through a lot of changes, with your new friends and all, and I get that. I've tried to be supportive of all your new interests, because that's what happens in long-term relationships, right? People change. And it's not always bad! It can keep things fresh and exciting, breathing new life into relationships that were getting waaaaaay too convoluted by the end of last season anyway.

Using Annie

And so I was happy to go with you to that Inspector Spacetime convention, and I laughed at your German jokes, and I've even developed a soft spot for Changnesia. Community, I am trying so hard to make this work!

But "Economics of Marine Biology" makes me feel like you aren't. Do you think I'm naive, Community? A little dumb, even? Do you think I couldn't tell that the Abed frat micro-subplot was eighty times more interesting than anything actually happening on screen in this episode?

Do you think I couldn't tell that you're softening up of Pierce and Jeff's attitude shift towards him over the course of this season is just because the new Community doesn't have a place for someone who's not a villain, just kind of a dick - not because Jeff had some huge personal revelation over Thanksgiving?

Do you think I couldn't feel that, even though tonight's Community quotes were actually very funny (with some serious MVP work by Jim Rash as Dean Pelton), your heart was just not in this lifeless, over-cooked episode?

Community, I gave you my heart and you gave me a pen. I am having a hard time going on like this. I really, really am.

No, no, come back, Community. Things got very heated there for a second, and I think we both said some things we didn't mean.

Well, okay, I don't actually take any of my previous comments, but you weren't abysmal. Your acting is always top-notch, and that bit at the end was the first time I've really felt the Troy and Britta thing. And there were some good gags in the PEE class. Also, it was called a "PEE" class. I'll give you that.

But can we agree to work on "us?" Can we agree to not bring in any more poorly-drawn, played-out guest characters like Archie? Can we agree that taking away Magnitude's "pop-pop" was a joke that had amazing potential... and was totally wasted? Can we agree that Jeff's argument that tolerating Pierce is worth it for the 2% of the time he is not a jerk is not only out of character, but doesn't even make a lick of sense within the history and context of the show?

I don't know, maybe we need more time to cool down. I still want to work on this. I still believe in you. I just need to get my head together. If you need me, I'll be at Delta Cube House. There's a casserole in the fridge.

Economics of Marine Biology Review

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