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As the penultimate episode of Psych season 7,"Nip and Suck It" featured Shawn and Henry facing off to see who could finish the case first.

While it was a little less than I expected a week prior to a finale, the string of one-liners and Gus' face saved this episode was being a major letdown.

A New Look

We all knew that Henry was itching to get back in the game, if only because Shawn and Gus steadfastly refuse to solve any of their cases without somehow making sure that he gets involved. What I really appreciated about this episode, though, was Henry's eagerness to be out front, one step ahead of his proteges.

It's easy to forget that just as much as he made Shawn into the detective he is today, a lot of that tutelage took place with Gus close at hand. That was one of the few observations that came out of the hour. But there were certainly some other notable moments to take a look at.

For instance, Gus deciding that there was something wrong with his earlobes... and then that crease in his forehead. Poor guy just couldn't catch a break this week, as has been the case over the past few weeks it seems. Only this time, his insecurity actually resulted in frozen facial features. It made several sets of his lines, and even his general demeanor, worth a laugh or two.

Of course, as Shawn so astutely indicated, this is likely a function of Gus not having spoken to Rachel in almost 16 days. Gus' relationship with Rachel is starting to take a turn. Whether it's for better, or worse, we don't know yet. In my opinion, someone who is about to break up with you doesn't send you cookies to cushion the blow. I know I thought that "Dead Air" tasted of a split, but this gesture has me thinking second thoughts.

Second thoughts also lent itself well to second dates this week. It seems Henry's itch to get back in the game put him directly in the path of an old flame, Joan Diamond, played by the incomparable Lori Loughlin. It was not only great to hear that Henry had decided to forgo dating after his divorce to be there for Shawn, but it was even better that he followed through and went on a second date. They really did seem cute together in their matching fishing hats. Here's to Henry getting into a nice relationship of his own.

Speaking of relationships, it seems that Shules is officially back on. Though I won't lie, I was a little disappointed at the reveal. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: they made it a really big deal, the fact that Shawn was hiding the fact he was not psychic from Juliet.

Then all of a sudden the issue seemingly dropped from the audience radar as a magical reconciliation took place in secret with fans anxiously awaiting the issue to be resolved on screen. Then, this week, the resolution to this earth-shattering revelation and the havoc it wreaked iwa an off-hand announcement that Shawn and Juliet are "officially" back on.

Shawn even used the word "officially" to describe it, claiming Juliet "made him work for it, but it was worth it." Well, gee, I really wish I would have been able to see you put in some of that work, Shawn.

All critiques on the Shules front aside, at least Anthony Michael Hall will be in the house next Wednesday. That said, WHERE THE HECK IS CHIEF VICK?!

It occurred to me in my epic panic at the thought that Hall's character, who goes by Trout, is actually an efficiency expert meant to analyze the efficiency of the SBPD at the behest of the new mayor. This may not have anything to do with Chief Vick at all, unless I misunderstood something along the way. I think everything will be ok. Please remain calm and keep pineapple-y.

But while you do that, relive some of these other highlights from this week's episode:

  • Henry's "Suck It" sign. Can we please see that Henry more often?
  • The couples massage.
  • Gus allowing himself to be worked on by an unlicensed practitioner. Of course that would happen to the pharma rep.
  • Lassiter's one-liners about plastic surgery.
  • The lack of Juliet making a speech about how women should be comfortable with who they are. For some reason I was expecting that!
  • Henry's eagerness to beat Shawn and Gus.
  • Henry predicting that Shawn and Gus would have to eventually come to him and say he was right.
  • Shawn pretending to be Henry on the phone.
  • Henry and Shawn breaking down the case together for the cops.

Nip and Suck It Review

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