Pretty Little Liars Clips: Team Taleb!

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Next Tuesday's new installment of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 will feature a brand new team.

Yes, PLL Fanatics, Caleb and Toby will partner up to look into A and what actually transpired the night of the lodge fire. Expect this duo to encounter an insider along the way who points to a new possible identity for "Red Coat" and watch them discuss a clue in this sneak peek:

Elsewhere on "Crash and Burn, Girl," Aria will interrogate Mike over what happened to Connor's car. Well, not interrogate, according to Aria. Just inquire:

Finally, Emily will be dealing with her nagging shoulder injury and also a nagging mother, one who has both medical advice and personal advice for her child. Watch the following clip now and prepare for an exciting new episode:

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