Pretty Little Liars Review: Go, Team Taleb!

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Another week, another uneven episode of Pretty Little Liars.

"Crash and Burn, Girl!" showcased some more emotional drama for Hanna and some Scooby-Doo action from Team Taleb, but most of the girls had little to do. The "smash and bang" at the episode's end continued the show's pattern of waiting until the last minutes for any excitement.

Plus, I'm pretty sure all these "answers" we're getting are just a stall tactic.

Team Taleb

Hanna's appearances in this episode served mostly to underscore how lost she really is. She spends much of the episode looking devastated and red-nosed, which spurs her friends to come to her aid. Emily and Spencer put aside their differences for the time being, and the whole team raids Wilden's apartment for clues. Too bad their search yields only a box of rotten steaks and cryptic A message!

A more successful investigation is undertaken by the new dynamic duo on the show: Caleb and Toby. They both seem determined to solve all the mysteries around A, but Toby is still holding out on Caleb. Regardless, the two find out where Red Coat's plane came from and find another Red Coat (A?) minion. But can we really trust anything that Nigel Wright says?

Toby was smart to figure out that something was right with Nigel, and the lighter helped both figure out that Nigel was there the night of the fire. Nigel claims to have been paid to file a fake flight plan for CeCe Drake, but then he was seen talking to the mystery girl later on. I doubt Nigel would be comfortable seeing A or Red Coat if he just revealed her identity to others. So I don't think it was CeCe that night

However, we should explore the CeCe angle. The last time we saw her was in "Hot Water" when Wilden pushed her into his car. CeCe definitely seemed terrified of Wilden. In "I'm Your Puppet," Spencer found out that CeCe was visiting Mona in Radley. CeCe's definitely a liar with a long history with Wilden, but did she meet the girls at the cabin and help Wilden burn it down?

The problem is there are too many mysteries and too many suspects. It's really hard for us to trust anything when every new character harbors some secret. Let's run down the major questions:

  • Who's A? Or rather who's still on the A-team?
  • Who's Red Coat? Is Red Coat the same as A?
  • Did Ali really die? Who killed her?
  • Who killed Wilden? Who killed Garrett? (Was it really Melissa and Wilden)?
  • What is the connection between Jenna, Shana, and Wilden?
  • Who set the fire at the cabin? (Why would Wilden set the fire?)
  • What is Melissa's connection to A or Red Coat? 
  • Who visited Toby's mom?
  • Who's framing Ashley?

It's just too much!

Team Taleb might be able to find some answers to these questions, but I'm not sure we'll ever really trust them until the show's over. It's making Pretty Little Liars frustrating to watch.

Perhaps most fans will continue to tune in to watch their favorite couples. On that end, we were treated to some Ezria moments. Ezra's intervention on Mike's behalf shows that he still cares very much for Aria. Is the show hinting at an Ezria reunion in the future?

Crash and Burn, Girl! Review

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