Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Crash and Burn, Girl!"

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With more questions than answers, this week's Pretty Little Liars Round Table for "Crash and Burn, Girl!" discussed Team Taleb, where CeCe might fit into the picture and thoughts on what might drag Caleb away from Rosewood.

Join Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica by tossing your own answers in the Comments. Let's do this!


Do you think Toby will come clean with Caleb so they can really find some secrets?

Nick: He probably will eventually. Toby's quick brush off of the folder sent off a bunch of warning bells to Caleb. The "blonde girl" will probably turn out to be the same person (although I doubt it's the "A" we're looking for), so Toby will have to share eventually. P.S. I would totally watch a show called Handsome Little Liars ABC Family.

Leigh: I think Caleb is trustworthy so I wouldn't be too shocked if Toby ended up confiding in him. He might end up having to come clean in order to keep playing Hardy Boys.

Teresa: I'm hoping Toby opens up to Caleb because Hanna's boyfriend is probably one of the smartest characters on the show. I'm sure he could find something in those files that Spencer and Toby missed. Plus, it's really hard to solve a mystery when information is being withheld from you.

Carissa: I don't think Toby has completely come clean with anyone yet, so it's doubtful he'll do it with Caleb. I'm thinking that might be one of the factors we're discussing in a later question.

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They played up the CeCe angle quite a bit, but Nigel served tea to someone with a folded walking cane and black glasses. Was it Jenna?

Nick: Jenna came clean to being able to see again. Unless she's lying to Mr. Flight Forger. It certainly wouldn't be unheard of in this show.

Leigh: Cece could be just another red herring. This show could honestly be called Pretty Little Red Herrings. Although I like Nick's suggestion of Handsome Little Liars. Also regarding Jenna, didn't she confide in Shana that her sight was getting worse again?

Teresa: It's possible Jenna was meeting with Nigel, but I don't think she was the one on the plane. Jenna and Shana were meeting with Melissa when Red Coat's plane was en route to Thornhill. But I've always thought Jenna still had quite a few more secrets to divulge.

Carissa: It's finny to think someone might be setting up Jenna, when she's been walking around without her cane and glasses. Maybe they've been gone so long they don't know she can see again. It all gets so confusing when you don't know if people are playing to the viewing audience or to the characters on the show.

Is there any reason you can think of the Rosewood police have taken so long to get interested in Wilden's apartment?

Nick: At least we finally have a reason for Wilden's total incompetence: A. I've had my suspicious after that photo on the boat, but it's nice to have some confirmation. Small sidenote, the car that went careening through the Fields home it looked like a nondescript car the police use.

Leigh: The police in Rosewood are morons, but I have faith in the new detective. The one who played Liz on Nip/Tuck.

Teresa: Well there didn't seem to be much to discover at his apartment. I'm not sure a box of old steaks would have warranted police attention. Most of the time the Rosewood police are missing valuable information because A threatens the girls and, of course, they never learn to just come clean. From the police department's perspective, it seems like crazy stuff keeps happening and it's all related to these four girls.

Carissa: I'm sorry but with all the stuff that goes down in Rosewood, if I found a big package of "meat" unopened in a dead police detective's apartment, as the investigating officer it's the first thing I would open. It could have been a head! Don't these people watch movies? At the very least, someone could have eaten those good steaks. In this case, they might have caught the A clue and wondered who it was, and when the liars made mention of an A it might have pinged a memory. Oh well. 

Do you feel we're not getting answers to anything?

Nick: Answers are relative in PLL, but this week felt a little less lacking than prior week's with Wilden.

Leigh: We only get more answers when there are more questions. I felt like this week was good, but at the same time I have no idea about anything. Can we just discuss how the girls also seem to not learn from past mistakes? They need to start closing the blinds when they are snooping. DUH.

Teresa: Totally not just you. I feel like nothing that's being said is the truth. Plus, every answer leads to ten more questions.

Carissa: It feels like there are so many balls in the air some of them are going to get dropped, Lost style. Even Damon Lindelof hasn't been able to escape those unanswered questions.

Ezra "swooped" for Aria. How did you feel about that move and their future?

Nick: It's nice he helped Aria with Mike's jam, but I'm curious what he told the principal. The guy has been sniffing around Ezra and Aria for a while now. There's a lot of things that need to be worked about between them: Ezra's little boy, A, the lies, school and work, etc.

Leigh: I'd been pretty bored of Ezria for awhile but this perked my interest back up. Lucy and Ian have great chemistry and really work it in their roles. I could be down for future Ezria.

Teresa: Well, I think it was nice of him to help since she was having to deal with all the fallout from their relationship alone. When I first saw someone bashing Connor's car, I thought it was Ezra (maybe it was!). I think the show wants to keep Ezria fans hooked with a "will they/won't they?" storyline.

Carissa: I actually felt a twang of emotion for the two. It was the first time....ever. I never bought into them because of the icky student/teacher thing, but it seemed sweet. Ewwww. That kinds of makes me sick now. She needs to graduate before I have sweet thoughts on them. 

What do you think will drive Caleb to Ravenswood?

Nick: I hear Emily has a spare car.... My guess would be Caleb himself or Hanna. Possibly Toby if this friendship between Caleb and Toby continues.

Leigh: Definitely a family issue. Who is his guardian these days anyway? Maybe he will move in with his dad and the dad will move home to Ravenswood or something, to like an old haunted mansion.

Teresa: In investigating Shana's connection to Ravenswood, I'll bet Caleb gets caught in some other mystery. I doubt it will be a very subtle or convincing excuse for the change.

Carissa: I think he's going to try to escape the constant lies. Poor dear. He's the most honest and caring character on the show and in his attempt to get away he's going to end up some place worse. He'll likely go with his dad, but he didn't have to go anywhere with his dad before, so it will likely be his decision. I just hope he's the lead with a heart of gold!

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