Falling Skies Review: Does Freedom Mean Death?

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Falling Skies season 3 on the whole was disappointing, but the finale, "Brazil," may have been the biggest letdown.

After the build up of the Volm device and its supposed ability to save Earth from the Espheni, there wasn't much to it, especially after the attack in last Sunday night's episode. They dug the device out, transported it and get it ready all off-screen. That challenge would have been a more compelling hour than several of the dragged out episodes this past month. Instead, we saw the device activated, initially appear to fail and then the Espheni shield destroyed.


A Surprising Visitor

And the remainder of the hour wasn't much better. It was way too predictable. After trusting Cochise and partnering with him on the Volm device, the Volm mother ship landed and Cochise's father took control. Of course Cochise wasn't entirely honest with Tom. However, I do believe his intentions were noble since without the Volm device, the Espheni would have killed the Human race entirely.

The Volm's history led them to believe that the humans would willingly go to Brazil and be thankful to the Volm. Humans, though, are natural fighters and aren't willing to give up their freedom for their lives. That was the Volm's mistake. Given the conversation between Cochise and his father, we'll have to wait until season 4 to find out if they should have gone to Brazil. Is it possible that by fighting they are killing themselves for nothing?

I doubt that will be the case, but I do expect that lives will be lost due to their stubborn resolve for independence. I hope the greater question will then become what price are people willing to pay to maintain their freedom. And is life under protection a better life than one of struggle and the continual risk of life?

At least the Volm realized it was better to let Tom and his people go of their own free will rather than to force them to Brazil. The last thing the Volm need is to be fighting two separate battles against both the Espheni and the Humans.

In addition to the Volm reveal, Tom and his family had a final face down against Karen - and she lost. She brought a gift to Tom and he gave her a bullet in the chest in return. It will be intriguing to see if his action will come back to haunt him. She fought against him for so long, could he have trusted her at all? Unlikely. 

Ultimately, Tom wasn't the one who killed Karen, it was Maggie. She let out all her frustrations over Karen and Hal by putting a bunch of bullets in nemesis. Maggie had a satisfied look on her face, while Hal had one of horror. It's highly likely that her action will create a divide in their romance.

As expected, both Anne and Lexi were alive and Tom was reunited with them. A tiny surprise, but not entirely unexpected was Lexi's growth. In a short amount of time, she went from a baby to the size of a 6-year old. She's also a smart one. Her uniqueness was further explored when she was able to rid Lourdes of the eye worms. 

That final moment when Lexi turned the eye worms into dust was a decent conclusion to an otherwise underwhelming finale. Despite that, the finale has set up season 4 nicely.

Will some Humans be relocated? Or, will they all be left to fight on their own? And why did Cochise's father say they would die if they didn't go to Brazil? There's a mystery there. And, of course, Lexi. What is she capable? Will the hybrid bring the sides together?

Were you underwhelmed by the Falling Skies Season 3 finale? What, if anything, surprised you? Glad that Anne and Lexi are still alive? Should Maggie have killed Karen?

Brazil Review

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