Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "The Mirror Has Three Faces"

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What a week on Pretty Little Liars, right? The Fields women moved in with Mrs. DiLaurentis and all sorts of secrets were uncovered with that one change of residence. Mona isn't in Radley by choice and Wren may have it out for her.

Below, our Round Table team hammers out thoughts on of the biggest topics, as Leigh Raines, Nick McHatton, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica have pulled up a virtual chair and have a lot to say about "The Mirror Has Three Faces." Go ahead and join them... if you dare!


After everything Toby has been through, why is he still keeping Spencer from telling her friends about his mother?

Leigh: I think when it comes to family it's usually extremely personal. It took Toby long enough to let Spencer in and it's understandable he's not ready to let the rest of the liars in.

Nick: Toby isn't the type of person to tell his entire life to people. I think he considers the ladies his friends, but his mother is a very personal aspect of his life. It'll take him some time to open up and be honest about his life with her and, perhaps, what ended up happening to her.

Teresa: I don't understand his hesitancy other than to build drama on the show. The Toby/Spencer relationship has been a sore spot for the liars since she hid the fact that he was on the A-team. I still think she got off pretty easy on that front. However, it could be that Toby doesn't trust the other girls. They are all terrible at keeping secrets and lying. I certainly wouldn't trust them with something so personal.

Carissa: I think it's too much to ask. The more lies that continue the more information gets confused and altered by everyone else. It's time for him to either trust everyone as Caleb has decided to do or walk. Instead we're going to end up with Caleb walking and Toby sticking around. Shows how much I understand things.

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Did the news about Ezra and Malcolm surprise you and do you think it should make a difference to Aria?

Leigh: Wren has always been super shady. So who was on the other end of the phone? I want to know what secrets Mona is claiming that Wren has. Obviously Wren is close to someone she doesn't trust. Maybe I'm totally off, but I don't believe Mona is trying to hurt the liars right now.

Nick: I wasn't very surprised with the news. I've always had a small inkling that Malcolm might not be his, and is instead another area that forces Ezra to think about as he tries to get back to his relationship with Aria. They might be destined to be together, but that's still hard to do when their lives are in two completely different worlds.

Teresa: I was surprised by how much I didn't care. Maggie's mistake was a big one, and normally I would be very upset for Ezra's sake. BUT it kind of makes the whole thing a pointless plot device. Was it just to cause some temporary drama for Ezria? Did things get too boring when they were no longer hiding their relationship? Personally, I honestly wish Aria had more to do than date guys.

Carissa: I'm with Teresa. I felt nothing for Ezra. I should have, but I didn't. Let's be honest here, Malcolm will be better off away from Rosewood and the inclinations of A. He's come too close to harm already. Ezra can take a job elsewhere to recover because I'm really digging on Jake and Aria. Their kiss beat anything Ezria ever put out.

We learned Mona didn't voluntarily check herself into Radley, that she was on medication and Wren can't be trusted. Where does that leave us?

Leigh: Wren has always been super shady. So who was on the other end of the phone? I want to know what secrets Mona is claiming that Wren has. Obviously Wren is close to someone she doesn't trust. Maybe I'm totally off, but I don't believe Mona is trying to hurt the liars right now.

Nick: I'm still trusting Mona. It's been shown she plays things out for the long term, and one goal of her confession, aside from helping Hanna out, is probably figuring out that Wren is hiding something big. She knows it, and he knows it. The guy has always been a shifty, and he's one of the few people who have been able to get into the inner circle for at least a little bit.

Teresa: Mona is unhinged (that's pretty clear), but I don't think that mean she's totally crazy and untrustworthy. Wren, however, makes my skin crawl. I'm guessing Mona is going to have stay on her toes while at Radley.

Carissa: Mona is still on the liars side, and I hope Wren doesn't send her down the river. My guess is that if he tries, Mrs. Hastings will catch on and be there for Mona. She's really wising up to what's happening in her small town. I'm also wondering if the medication Mona was on wasn't causing her duplicity and making her work on behalf of Wren and the A-team as a more willing participant than she would have been without. 

Red Coat has been under the DiLaurentis porch. Why did she want Emily to end up there?

Leigh: Only time will tell. Red Coat wanted access to the DiLaurentis house. Maybe she's trying to tell Emily something. I feel like Emily was always pretty close to Ali. Honestly, it's all so confusing.

Nick: Red Coat likely wants to stay a few steps ahead of the liars, and with Emily staying at Mrs. D's house there was a chance of attaining additional information. With Emily having knowledge of the holes and the hider, that plan might not be exactly what Red Coat is wanting.

Teresa: Red Coat seems to be warning Emily. If it was A, Emily would have gotten a creepy picture of herself hanging out at the DiLaurentis' house just so she knew she was being watched. But Red Coat's basement hideout almost looked like she was watching over the house's residence.

Carissa: I'm liking how Teresa is thinking again. I think Red Coat may be Ali, who might have had undisclosed feelings that her mom sensed and discussed with Emily. She may be trying to bring Emily as close to the home she knew as possible to protect her from CeCe, or A, if they're one in the same, to keep her from more grievous harm.

After Mrs. D. Was so forthcoming with the girls, do you think CeCe Drake is TVs version of Courtney?

Leigh: It certainly seems that way. I feel like there were little "easter eggs" hinting at something with twins. Did anyone else notice the two bows on the dresser when Hanna was in Ali's old room?

Nick: It's one of the first thoughts that popped into my head after Mrs. D explains they shared and traded personalities. With the deviations from the books already, having a twist on the twins isn't unbelievable.

Teresa: Maybe. It just seems too obvious. Then again, Mona was the most obvious choice for A in the beginning, but we got tricked into looking elsewhere. CeCe has been very suspicious right from the beginning and she's yet to give an honest answer about her relationship with Ali.

Carissa: I'm really torn. Part of me believes this might be the case. Then I was thinking maybe it wasn't THAT big a deal for Mrs. D to be called to Radley about one of her daughters because she had another one there. Part of me thinks they've pulled the Courtney/CeCe bait and switch and the other part of me thinks Red Coat means Red Herring.

If so, why was the episode titled "the Mirror has Three Faces?"

Leigh: I think it insinuates the fact that there's a whole other side to this story that we're just beginning to scratch the surface of. We had no idea how angry Cece Drake was at all of the liars. We also had no idea how tight she and Ali supposedly were.

Nick: The masks. Red Coat, assuming it's CeCe, has an Emily, Ali, and "CeCe" mask. She's wearing three different personalities, and with those personalities comes allegiances, hatred, and much more.

Teresa: I'm guessing the three faces in the title has to refer to as yet unheard of third blond friend (or twin sister?) who's really pulling the strings. There has to be an ultimate puppet master, right? Right?

Carissa: One more time...thinking along the same lines as Teresa. I'm guessing the three faces are Ali, Courtney and CeCe. CeCe is an interloper who truly doesn't belong and is really throwing this whole storyline for a loop!!

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