New Girl Review: Paradise Nick

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New Girl Season 3 has barely begun, but Jess and company have already taught us two very important lessons:

  1. Mature adult relationships are scary and hard, but rewarding.
  2. 2. So are puzzles.

Remember that, because there'll be a quiz at the end of this recap!*

New Girl in Mexico

"All In" was a classic "Brady Bunch in Hawaii"-type gimmick episode, where a backdrop of exotic, lush beaches and mysterious foreign jails were subbed in for the show's regular backdrop of lush, soiled lofts and mysterious domestic jails to distract us from the fact that there wasn't a whole lot of conflict going on.

For once, New Girl was (mostly) about the gang learning to settle into new roles, rather than neurotically debate their these roles for 30 minutes, have a fight, make up and eventually come to few-if-any conclusions about their them.

Not that I'm complaining. I love the neurosis! It certainly looks more like my own life than boning on a tropical beach, while wearing ragged "Swiss Family Robinson"-style outfits after only being away for four days (did they hitch a ride to Mexico on an old-timeney pirate ship as well, mayhaps?).

But it was an intriguing change of pace to see Jess and Nick whisper sweet nothings instead of pick apart their desire for each other for once, as well as a bold statement for the start of the season. There's no bickering here, none of the "where are we going" talk that has filled their lives since the moment they sucked face. These crazy kids are just in love, pure and simple. Awwww!

I mean, they'll probably be fighting again by next week. But all of my favorite New Girl quotes this week featured their adorkable, loving banter.

Of course, getting none of that love buzz was Schmidt, who was shouldering enough neuroses to fill the entire loft during this episode. But the Schmidt coupling that most interested me wasn't Schmidt and Elizabeth OR Schmidt and Cece: it was Schmidt and Winston. With Jess and Nick so deep in the throes of Early Relationship Bliss, those two guys going to be spending a ton of time together. Two new couples are now forming in the loft right now, whether they like it or not.

So is this a bold new New Girl, where Schmidt is the only self-obsessed, self-loathing loftie left? I doubt it. But all the characters do seem to really, truly, finally be evolving, in both positive and negative directions, in a truly organic way that I had never thought possible during New Girl Season 1.

Except, as usual, Winston, who seemed mostly left out of the great character evolution. His development continues to be the show's great blind spot. Oh my god, I hope they give him something to do this season besides hang around, being color blind.

How long do you think Jess and Nick will be able to go without fighting? How long do you think Winston will be able to go without finally snapping at Schmidt? How many times have you, personally, been sent to "resort jail?"

*There is no quiz; that was merely a trick to get you to read to the bottom of this recap, of course.

All In Review

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