Nicole Anderson Talks Ravenswood, Miranda, Caleb, Cemetaries & More!

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Tomorrow night's Pretty Little Liars Halloween special is guarantee to scare up some serious screams.

But it also brings a new face into the picture who will help Caleb make the transition to the Ravenswood spinoff, which premieres immediately following this drama on on ABC Family.

Meet Nicole Anderson. The actress portray Miranda, a fellow orphan who connects with Caleb AND Hanna in the Pretty Little Liars episode and then ends up in Ravenswood with the former... but will she come between our beloved Haleb?

TV Fanatic was on the New Orleans set of Ravenswood last month and sat down with Anderson to ask the tough questions, as we found out whether she's looking at the online chatter and whether she fears backlash from possibly taking away Hanna's handsome man

Ravenswood airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m on ABC Family.

For more insight into the series, check out this exclusive interview with Tyler Blackburn and this Q&A with star Merritt Patterson.

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