Supernatural Round Table: "Rock and a Hard Place"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Supernatural Round Table!

Without question, Supernatural Season 9 Episode 8 gave us plenty to analyze, so let's get to it with TV Fanatics Sean McKenna, Carissa Pavlica and Alice from The Winchester Family Business!

Read their answers and weigh in with your own below ...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Carissa: My favorite scene was when Dean was telling everyone why he was getting his virginity back and talking about why he loved it in such vivid detail, making the women (and all the female viewers) squirm. It was really well done, right down to the camera work on the close-ups of the anatomy of the women as his words affected them.

Alice: Without a doubt, Dean and Suzy’s “Casa Erotica” re-enactment. I’ve seen Dean Winchester in a lot of situations, but acting out one his porn fantasies? Score! That was the funniest scene I’ve seen on this show in a long time. The bad dialogue, the over-the-top foreplay, and they even played mariachi music in the background! Dean loved the scene with the tacos? “Why don’t you ask me that in Spanish?” Hilarious! Oh, but it didn’t end there. When Sam found the DVD, he got a zinger in of his own. “I think he crossed someone off his bucket list.”

Sean: The Dean scenes were definitely the most fun but Dean and Suzy about to get it on was the highlight of the night. It could have been lame or too ridiculous, but the moment had the right amount of humor and sizzle. Good for you, Dean. Good for you.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Jody Mills' return?

Carissa: It was great. I especially liked that she was in the church group, but not a part of the chastity group and how amazed she was that they had gone so far as to join for the cause. Glad she didn't succumb to the death curse of returning friends!

Alice: She was awesome!  A lot of the special guest returns have been short and lackluster, but Jody was given a lot of plot and great material this time.  Plus, whenever her and Sam get going on their computers, it’s pure geek heaven.  She got to be tough by punching a virgin, and she got to be tender too, admitting she has turned to church to help her through the rough and lonely times.  Most of all, I’m glad she’s not dead.  That’s a rare thing on this show.  

Sean: It was OK. I like seeing familiar faces from the show’s past and Jody’s definitely a good one. Maybe I was expecting more? At least, the hour did touch upon the last time we saw her.

Dean’s hookup with Suzy: Hot or not?

Carissa: Not. I'm not a big fan of porn and knowing Dean sits around watching it and that's the type of girls he wants to bang doesn't impress me. I want more for Dean Winchester, dammit!

Alice: Hot, or at least really funny. Poor guy, last time Dean was laid was season seven. He’s done a year in Purgatory since then not to mention play nursemaid to his sick little brother. He needed this... bad. His reactions alone were priceless, like when she took her jacket off revealing the tight tank top and the part when they prayed on the couch. It’s right then and there he knew he was hitting that. Happy Dean makes me happy.   

Sean: Hot. His sheer giddiness matched with the sexual tension between the too, a little spanish, and ultimately, a dream come true made the moment very “muy caliente.” Plus, it’s good to see Dean having a little fun, especially because he’s always been the guy to flirt, hook up with girls. This was a win for Dean.

Was the deity twist a good “creature of the week” or did you wish it was dragons?

Carissa: I thought it was a decent twist. Dragons? Who needs dragons? I don't need no stinkin' dragons. She didn't look much like a goddess, though, and we didn't learn much about her in the end. She was kind of ancillary to story overall.

Alice: I did not wish it was dragons, but I wasn’t all that impressed with yet another rogue god either.  Boo hoo, she had to learn just like all the other gods that life changes and they’ve got to adapt.  You know she must have been desperate if she let Sam and Dean become born again virgins.  That’s really shoving something big back in the box.

Sean: She was fine for the story told, but nothing about the character was overly memorable besides the tie to virgins breaking their vow. I did like seeing her go from sweater wearing perky to killer goddess. It is interesting to see how the show handles the deities, too.

Do you agree with Dean’s decision not to tell Sam the truth after Ezekiel told him not to?

Carissa: I did. After what the goddess saw inside of Sam - a body full of ruined organs barely grasping onto life - he really couldn't risk it. I was surprised to learn his body wasn't healing quicker. I'm starting to wonder if Ezekiel can heal Sam at all. I think that's a conversation Dean needs to have with the angel to determine if something has gone wrong with the plan.

Alice: I have this sense that Dean doesn’t have a choice.  What would have happened if Dean told Ezekiel he was telling Sam anyway? It’s awfully suspicious that Sam’s insides are still in bad shape.  Zeke has probably been using Sam to heal himself and would do anything to prevent that conversation from taking place.  I have a feeling that’s exactly what’s going to happen next week.  

Sean: I’m still frustrated by it. On the one hand, I understand that Dean is just trying to help his brother. But at the same time, I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to find another way, especially since Sam hasn’t healed yet. I just wish he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. I’m still on board the not trusting Ezekiel train and hope that the consequences of the angel inside Sam don’t make things worse.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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