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Christmas came to Springfield on The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 8.

But so did some serious pollution, as the town became a major tourist attraction as the result of "snow" falling all around during the holiday season.

How did residents and government employees respond? By raising gas prices to gouge those visiting, of course, which made Marge eventually turns her home into  bed and breakfast.

In the third act, meanwhile, Lisa chose to give meaningful gifts for a change… except she wasn't very good at it. She needed a few words of wisdom from her brother to get things right.

Did you enjoy this holiday-themed episode? Did you miss it? Want to relive it and the best Simpsons quotes from the week? Watch the installment from start to finish now:

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The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 8 Quotes

global warming. Huh, by pure coincidence every scientist was right.


Quimby: Don't you idiots see what this means.
Lenny: Idiots? Why do we re-elect this guy?
Carl: Because his opponent has a long Slavic name.