Shameless Review: Road Rage and Raging Hormones

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When Shameless Season 4 kicked off, we noted that Fiona had finally gotten a steady paycheck. And you know what comes with those? Desperately needed medical coverage for thre kids.

Yes, Carl gave the new doctor a real welcome on Shameless Season 4 Episode 2.

Why Lie?

Despite the fact that Carl has been a devious little sociopath since we met him, his character has fleshed out as he's gotten older. No "flesh" pun intended, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that that kid is now masturbating like it's his job.

IN CLASS? Come on Carl! But I was cracking up when he came back with a tub of Vaseline at the end of Shameless Season 4 Episode 1.

You'll have to excuse him. Puberty has turned him into a barbarian.

Fiona [about Carl]

What I mean about Carl's character growing is that he's proven himself to be the last one who still cares about Frank. He is determined to keep his father alive, despite the fact that nobody else really cares. Even Debbie gave up hope on Frank after Shameless Season 3.

So is anyone even surprised that Frank's liver is failing? That's pretty much a rhetorical question. It's sad that baby Liam has to sleep across from his father who is drinking alcohol through his butt. Although now that the spider veins and other side effects of a failed liver have shown themselves, Frank is strictly sticking to drugs. He even wants to try that sizzurp.

Speaking of knocking on death's door, that was an awkward scene when Stan's lawyer read the will. I wasn't surprised Kev was given The Alibi Room but he's gonna need to sort out those books now that he's having FOUR babies. I cannot believe V is having triplets.

Plus, they still have the weird cousin/sibling child that V's mom is carrying. How did V go from infertile to triplets? She must've been taking a ton of hormones when she was trying to get pregnant.

Fiona and Mike seemed to be in a decently good place, but now, seems like an insecure little bitch. So Fiona didn't call him back before bed ONE night? She raises three kids and is what, 22 years old? I know it wasn't the most polite thing, but he's obsessing about it like a teenage girl. She apologized and will try harder, drop it.

Fiona definitely should not have lied about the road rage incident, but given how upset Mike was about the call, I didn't see him handling the road rage incident all that well. It wasn't right, but I get why she did it. I also totally wish that was a real YouTube video! This little exchange between her and Mike was great:

Mike: Why do you like?
Fiona: I'm a Gallagher, it's what we do.

It was just two sentences, but it said so much. Sometimes you just can't escape your roots, upbringing, family, the ties that bind, etc. It's the reason I'm not sure Lip is going to last that much longer at college. Sure he's brilliant, but he's also not cut out for the typical path.

Oh, and where is Ian? Rumor has it that Cameron Monaghan is returning this season, so fingers crossed.

For now, do you think Fiona will give Frank her liver? And just who is this mysterious older Gallagher sister?

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Shameless Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Carl: Ew cankles.
Frank: Like a teenage lacrosse player on the rag retaining water.

You'll have to excuse him. Puberty has turned him into a barbarian.

Fiona [about Carl]