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Shameless Season 4 kicked off this week with something truly shocking for Fiona Gallagher: a steady paycheck.

Picking up not long after events on the Season 3 finale, we quickly saw that Lip is away at MIT on a full scholarship, while Ian enlisted in the Army without telling a soul and Frank was given some harsh news: if he keeps drinking, he will die.

And the doctors aren't just messing with him, considering the blood Frank coughs up after a mere sip of beer.

Where does Tony actually find Frank early in the episode? What state is he in? Where does he go from there?

Watch Shameless online now for the answers:

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Shameless Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I haven’t abused marijuana like the rest of you, so yes I remember.


Fiona: Hey Carl you got any Bears stuff I could wear to the game today? Like a hat or jersey or something?
Carl: I got a fuck Jay Cutler t-shirt but it might have some blood on it.