Modern Family: Watch Season 5 Episode 14 Online

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It was all about boundaries and spying on your loved ones in Modern Family Season 5 Episode 14. With Haley and Luke being secretive, Phil and Claire enlisted Alex to spy on Haley and use a drone on Luke and his friends.

It turns out that Haley is hiding a pretty awesome photography show at school. The whole family shows up to support her, despite being in various fights of their own.

Mitchell thinks that Cam gossips too much. Claire thinks that Mitchell and Alex were texting snarky things about her.

Gloria was mad because she thinks that Jay was having a sexy dream about another woman. So what was Jay really dreaming about? Find out when you watch Modern Family online!


Modern Family Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Yes people are allowed their private thoughts and I shouldn't be so angry, but I'm latin so I get to feel whatever i want.


Phil: Sounds fun, wear your helmets.
Manny: We will. I'm not writing my first novel by blowing through a tube.