Modern Family: Watch Season 5 Episode 15 Online

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Cam and Mitchell pulled a selfish move on Modern Family Season 5 Episode 15.

They knew Lily might get lice from an outbreak at school, but didn't warn Claire because they wanted to meet with a director of photography for their wedding.

Sure enough Claire got lice and Mitchell and Cam were left to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, Phil's old nemesis Gil Thorp was back. First he stole Phil's role as social chair in their realtor group.

Then we found out that Gil's son was playing Luke in a wrestling match. To top that, Jay's nemesis turned out to be Gil's dad. So how did Phil handle this latest feud?

Watch Modern Family online to find out!


Modern Family Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

You win an Oscar. You buy a Golden Globe.


I have a mandate and not the kind you hide from your wife.