Supernatural Review: Ghost Hunters

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I wonder how talking to spirit Kevin would have worked if Dean had to have a pottery scene like Demi Moore in Ghost. Guess there would have been more clay.

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 14 sent the Winchesters on a ghost mystery after Kevin returned asking for the brothers to find his mother.

And, yes, on Supernatural, dead doesn’t mean dead, but often a returning character can feel wasted (like Garth in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 12) rather than poignant.

Thankfully, Kevin’s reappearance in flickering spiritual form was more meaningful than just a chance to see the AP student/prophet again.

I was curious if we would actually see Kevin or if he would remain breaking glass and coffee machine beeps. Certainly, Dean talking to silence and apologizing felt sincere without needing Kevin in person, but it was good to see Kevin push Dean and Sam into action rather than just saying sorry.

Mama Tran was in trouble and rescuing her was at least a step to making things right for their friend.

And I’m glad she wasn’t dead because it added to the heartbreaking notion that Kevin was indeed gone. Seeing Sam try and not reveal her son’s death when they were attempting to break out must have been tough, which made the moment where he touched her hand with that sorrowful face even better.

It must definitely be heartbreaking for a mother to be a part from her son for over a year, but true to her fierce determination as a character she didn’t break down when she could have.

The rookie demon with hipster glasses was okay, but I was pleased to see him question Crowley’s buddy-buddy tendencies with Sam and Dean. Plus, being a demon and only protecting must have been pretty tough for him. At least Mama Tran was able to take revenge on him.

But it was the final scene between Kevin and the brothers that had me in total agreement with everything he said. I couldn’t help but think “yes” when he told them to get over their issues.

The drama, the fighting, it’s stupid.

I get they have problems, but Kevin’s comments about Sam and Dean still being alive and actually having each other was so important. I just wish it was an easy fix, but on some level, I’m glad it wasn't wiped away as easily even if I wanted it to.

Sam storming off and Dean putting back on his headphones is the place they’re currently at, even if they promised to “get over it.” It's still going to take some time, obviously, but I’m hoping that at least Kevin calling it out for both to hear might just be that first step to putting them back on a resolved path towards a united team.

Because they do need to get over their "stupid" drama.

Castiel was on his own mission, but it wasn’t quite as exciting as I had hoped.

I’ve always found the angels to be a cool addition to the series, and I liked hearing about Castiel’s days with Bartholomew. What’s more, it was great to see him try and stop the angel on angel violence. He’s trying to change things for the better without all the slaughter, especially of peaceful angels.

It’s just funny that the new formidable leader of the angels, Bartholomew was ended in a seemingly short period of time. Didn’t we just get introduced to his character?

But I guess separating himself from Bartholomew was the point and the same could be said for now giving Castiel new followers. Will that extra angel power help find and takedown Metatron. Even fix Heaven so those like Kevin can finally rest in peace?

Let’s just hope being a leader doesn’t go to Castiel’s head.

And let's not forget Abaddon is still out there, Dean's got the mark of Cain and Gadreel is still on the lose. There's plenty of things Sam, Dean and Castiel have to worry about.

This was a positive direction for Supernatural Season 9 and an episode that had some solid meaning behind it, while even giving a little forward progress on the story. Turns out, ghost hunting, when done right, can be a good thing.

With these new followers, can Castiel be a leader?

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