Being Human Review: Seeing Red

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There were some great moments and some head scratchers in Being Human Season 4 Episode 11.

It's starting to feel like the pieces are being thrown together as soon as possible because they know the end is near.

While Being Human Season 4 Episode 8 and Being Human Season 4 Episode 9 hit all of the right notes and in the right tone, this one felt rushed.

That's not to say there weren't some great moments or forward movement that felt justified. The were just snuggled in with some less desirable bits.

Not Wasting Time

Sally and Aidan reconnected after she shared with him what happened in her other life. It's never felt imperative that the two get romantically entangled and I'm not sure it feels as intrinsic to the story at this time as it would have if it had been nurtured throughout a longer arc.

Lil' Smokie couldn't go unanswered into the series finale, but the reveal of Ramona and the secret room didn't pack the punch that was expected. Even though it wasn't addressed in the earlier episodes that she had anything to do with the deaths Sally or Robbie, the tick marks on her floor indicate that she's been keeping track of the dead.

Ramona's apparently crush on Josh and her forcing him to change before he left the room so that he would kill as many people as possible implies she has a lust for blood. She enjoyed watching Aidan wrap up Astrid and didn't take much time to increase her tick marks from 6 to 15 once the bodies were cleared.

With only two episodes left, I really don't care about Ramona or her story, but I know we're going to learn about it anyway. Hopefully it will tie in in a way that feels natural and gives us an "Ah ha!" to finish it off well.

The good was how Nora couldn't leave Josh alone after the horrible pack mauling and how she continued to support him even though she was still frightened of him. That's the Nora I came to love and I'm glad to have her back. 

Sally finally took the opportunity to right the wrong she made when she performed the spell on Josh and didn't finish it by possessing him and helping him confront his wolf. I'm glad that the wolf inside was the beautiful one Josh had seen early on when he was working with Ray.

Sally helped Josh to stand up to his wolf and as odd as it was it was beautiful. The way Sam Huntington has played his scenes with the wolf have continually been noteworthy and what was probably his final chat with his inner wolf didn't disappoint.

I am the wolf and you are me. We're together through everything but it's my life until the moon is full.


Josh and Nora can be together again and she doesn't need to fear him. All is well, right? Not so much. Even as hard as Aidan tried to protect both his son and his adopted family he failed to remember the reality of their word -- ghosts exist.

Astrid visited Kenny and told him what really happened, to a point. It was enough to give him the impression that Josh willingly killed Astrid and that Aidan covered it up and all Kenny saw was red. There's going to be hell to pay and we'll likely have a showdown of sorts between another father and son before the end of the two remaining episodes.

It's a shame that Aidan really did want what was best for Kenny and didn't intentionally harm him by covering up Astrid's death. He was doing what he felt was best for a 17-year old to hear and to move on with his life somewhere else.

Humorous bits that deserve a shout out:

  • Aidan screaming "Oh yeah!" and pointing out it's what the Kool Aid man said and wondering why nobody else found it funny.
  • Aidan carrying on a conversation with Sally (or nobody) in the DMV. It was nice to be reminded how loony he can look talking with a ghost!

What did you think about tonight's installment? Are you worried they're rushing too much that we don't care about into these final hours or are you happy with the way things are playing out? To refresh yourself you can watch Being Human online, then hit the comments and chat about it.

Are you happy that Sally and Aidan are falling in love?

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Being Human Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Josh: You can smell disco-era blood?
Aidan: Yeah, you can't?
Josh: No.

I know you enjoyed kissing me and I was just a random werewolf dude at the time.