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Sally's magic gets her to the past but also ends up changing the future in unexpected ways. 

Sally inhabits her own body.

Sally lives through her death.

Sally and Bridget are at the hospital for her injured hand and she's afraid about a domino effect she could put into effect. Both Nora and Aidan care for her.

Six months go by and Sally discovers that Bridget is dating Danny.

Sally watches Josh and Aidan talking, hoping they're talking about moving in together. He's dating one of the girls he killed when she knew him and Sally tries to stop him.

Sally's attempt to tell Aidan she's from the future is interesting.

Josh and Aidan contemplate moving in and when Sally tells them she comes with the house. They move in.

Sally tells Josh how to change safely and suggests he take hydrogen peroxide for his breath, because his wolf eats poop. Aidan is really glad she brought that up.

Bridget is dead and Sally accuses Danny of murder. The police are angry about her calling and Aidan is concerned that she called the police to the house.

Aidan and Sally kiss and start a relationship.

Sally invites Nora over for dinner and informs Aidan that she marries Josh.

Sally takes Aidan out dancing and they go the to place where they danced when she was alive in Season 3.

When Josh seems worried about his relationship with Nora, Sally tells Josh he marries her.

Josh runs into Nora at the hospital as he prepares to lock himself up for his change and she wants to know if he's attracted to her and why he always runs from her. They commence with sex.

Sally interrupts and then Josh realizes how close he is to changing.

As Sally tries to get Josh to safety, he scratches her in the middle of his change. She's a wolf. One month later, they're in the woods together preparing to change. He and Nora are no longer together.

As Josh realizes he can never have a human life, he suggests Aidan takes thing with Sally with a note of caution.

Sally tells Aidan they never had a relationship in the future. Even in the past, Aidan sleeps in the basement.

Aidan and Sally wait for Josh in the woods and Aidan tells Sally he loves her and she replies the same.

Josh never shows, and the next morning he's in the kitchen with Ray. She tells him Ray is his maker.

Josh says he's not comfortable anymore living in the house and he's moving out.

Aidan doesn't feel like they should feel sorry for the way Josh feels and Sally realizes she changed Aidan and they were only ever meant to be roommates.

Josh is hanging out with Ray and Aidan is hanging out at blood bars.

Ray has taken to the blood den where Aidan is hanging out to pop some vampire ticks. Sally is there to witness what's about to happen.

Ray nails Sally in the head with a metal baseball bat and everyone runs but Aidan. She bleeds out and dies on the street while he's cradling her head.


Being Human
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Being Human Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Oh my God bangs! It looks good... looks good on you face.


Who talks to somebody they love like that? I should have never said yes to you Danny. I should have never said yes to any of this!