Being Human Review: You Can't Fight Fate

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Sally had no sooner promised Donna she would save magic for special occasions than she was using it in Being Human Season 4 Episode 8 to inhabit her own body, save her past life and live on with all the knowledge of what comes next.

If only it were that easy.

Donna warned Sally about the consequences of magic, but it doesn't appear as though the enormity of what she was saying really hit home.

To be honest, there aren't many of us who would pass up the opportunity to save ourselves if given the chance, right?

Time flew quickly once she was in the past and fully integrated into her body. Her future self was forever fused with her past self because to shoot forward into time again could only be accomplished once she was dead. 

Sally set about trying to right all of the wrongs that believed needed fixing, while still maintaining the relationships that were so important to her in the future she would rightfully never have under her new circumstances as a living dead girl. She had to round up Aidan and Josh and get them to move in with her once she had rid herself of her Danny vermin.

Unfortunately, vermin is vermin and while Sally's life was saved, her friend Bridget's was lost. It didn't make sense that Sally chose not to confide in Bridget about his abusive ways considering she knew the two formed a bond after she died. She blamed herself for Bridget's death and this time around I had to concur. She waited too long to tell Bridget about his behavior to save her from suffering Sally's fate.

Otherwise, her knowledge was fairly complete and thankfully Aidan and Josh weren't too difficult to convince about her future self fusing with a past incarnation, given they're a wolf and a vampire and they moved in. Interestingly, Aidan still slept in the basement. Sally stopped Aidan from eating his date, introduced Josh and Nora and embarked on a romantic liaison with Aidan.

In Being Human UK the Sally and Aidan counterparts, Annie and Mitchell, felt a connection earlier in the series and in this hour Sally admitted once she was alive again that she had been experiencing feelings for Aidan for longer than she been able to admit. She took him to the place they danced in Being Human Season 3 Episode 4. They were fully committed.

Josh wasn't the same, confident man he became in the timeline when Sally died. His humor was less evident and he wasn't the happy-go-lucky guy we knew. Aidan and Sally being in love stunted his growth a bit, and when in the original time he scratched Nora and turned her into a wolf, this time it was Sally's burden to bear. 

Josh didn't make love to Nora like a beast and then run off to change because Sally interrupted them, just as Nora questioned his feelings about her because he always left. Their relationship ended, leaving Josh feeling like a third wheel. He turned to Ray for company and that relationship became the downfall of all involved.

When Josh wants to move out because he no longer fits in to the whole "being human" idea, Aidan suggests he and Sally just give up on him. For Sally, it all came together. By changing herself, she changed the people she loved the most. Her Aidan would never just give up on Josh like that.

All of a sudden Aidan looked cold and heartless. After Sally and Aidan parted ways, he took to hanging out in blood bars and Josh trolled for unsuspecting vampires the night before a full moon. Easy prey. Sally's there waiting for Aidan, always protective. In the fight that ensues, Ray smashes Sally in the head and the credits roll with Aidan cradling her head as she bleeds.

Talk about ripple effects! Sally has always had the best of intentions, but her plans go awry far more often than not. Stepping into her body to save herself was probably instinct. Who wouldn't relish the opportunity to do it all again and to get it right? But since you're different, everything around you is different, too.

I'm one of those people who looks at my past mistakes with grave disappointment in myself, and yet I think without them I wouldn't be the person I am today. You have to give a little to get a lot or give a lot to get a little, whatever the case may be. Sally gave her life, but what she gained as a result was enormous.

She had better friends and more love in her life than most people have in a lifetime. She had adventures and discovered the impossible was possible. Is it safe to say this time around she might learn that hindsight is great, but it's better to leave things as they were? We'll have to tune in next week to find out.

Don't forget, you can catch any installments you've missed when you watch Being Human online. Don't wait, do it now!

What change surprised you the most?

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