Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Unbridled"

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On the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 23 Round Table, the discussion pokes around some moms and their not-so-noble intentions

We also touch on why Rosewood has giant bear traps in the woods. 

Join staff writers Leigh Raines, Nick McHatton, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica as they tackle the difficult questions about "Unbridled" and prepare yourselves for the big Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale by joining in the conversation!


Why didn't anyone question a giant bear trap in the suburban outdoors?

Leigh: A bear trap is probably the least of Spencer's problems. This foursome knows to expect random crazy stuff. Also Rosewood seems to be surrounded by a lot of woods so maybe there are some wild animals?

Nick: Rosewood has a huge bear population. There's mauling, maiming, and trash rifling nightly, so there's obviously a need to trap them before they get to the homes in the woods! Also, the teenager population in Rosewood needs to be dealt with quickly, and cutting them off at the knees is the best way to do so.

Teresa: Because the writer's needed to put a bear trap in the woods.

Carissa: Thanks, Nick! I've always wondered about the bear (and teen) population in Rosewood. The trickle down effect to Ravenswood only worked for so long. They're coming baaaack!

PLL RT - depreciated -

Mrs. D is very worried about exhuming the body and is buying clothes for someone. Why?

Leigh: I've said it before. Mrs. D is shady as F. She probably knows that Ali escaped and tried to cover it by sticking someone else down there. The clothes could be because she's mental and keeps Ali's room a shrine. Or they could be for someone she's covering for...or a secret twin...or Cece Drake.

Nick: Whatever actually happened that night, and whatever the reasons are for why Ali runs away. I believe all of those reasons point to Mrs. D. I believe she's throwing Spencer under the bus to cover up her family's own transgressions, and she sends Ali away to cover them up until the police stop sniffing. She does not want that body exhumed because I believe it is the key to unraveling all of her lies. The clothes are her way of taking care of Ali while she's on the run by dropping them off or sending them to her.

Teresa: I think she buried Ali after she saw Spencer hit her with the shovel. Maybe she was somehow involved in the other blonde girl's death. Because there is definitely someone buried in that grave.

Carissa: I sure hope she didn't bury Ali, because the girl was breathing. How inept do you have to be not to check that little fact before pouring dirt on your daughter's face? Maybe Mrs. D hates Radley because she belongs there.

Jason hasn't been to rehab, so where has he been?

Leigh: Trying to find Ali on his own.

Nick: Jason's always been questioning of his family's motives, and, much like Spencer, is searching for answers. I think he's gotten wind of Ali being alive, and either found her or is actively searching for her. Going back to the clothes, Jason might actually be hand delivering them to Ali.

Teresa: I suspect there was still some N.A.T. business to handle. That's why Wilder was trying to kill him. Or he might have tried to find his missing sister.

Carissa: He hasn't been helping Ali or she wouldn't have been so scared. Is he helping his mom or running from her? Does anyone want to be with her?

What was with the fingers in the corset?

Leigh: Just to up the creepy factor in everything. Those were def fake and from a halloween store. A has a lot of talents though. New clue: look for someone who can sew.

Nick: A last ditch effort to get the girls from trying to find or contact Ali. If Mrs. D truly is A or if she's hiring minion As, then she has every reason to stall the ladies from finding Ali.

Teresa: Another A mindgame. Didn't A already give them a necklace made of teeth? This is just upping the creepiness factor.

Carissa: A should be easy to find if they're a student. They should have won every talent show at the school. Is there ANYTHING they can't do? Sew, investigate, act ghostly, terrorize. I guess it was just a minion trick.

Did Spencer's mom come clean with everything she remembered from the night?

Leigh: Doubtful, Melissa will be back for the rest or we will find out from Ali next week.

I'd say maybe predict who the Liars saw but I think we all already know from the leaked script right?

Nick: I don't think so, but something did stick out for me in their conversation when she mentions it was like Spencer had an evil twin. How awesome would it be for Spencer to have an evil twin? I'd love to see Troian act that out.

Teresa: I feel like there has to be more to the story. She didn't really reveal anything. Like seriously what were we suppose to learn from that flashback?

Carissa: No. She remembers Spencer hiding in the dark? That hardly seems like Mrs. Hastings' memory. How odd of her to recount that particular moment. What she's doing to Spencer is just cruel.

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