Pretty Little Liars Season Finale: 24 First Look Photos!

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How many times can the Pretty Little Liars flee in absolute terror in one episode? We're about to find out!

On Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 24 ("A is for Answers"), Ali comes out of hiding and (supposedly) tells her friends everything that happened on the night she was buried alive and left for dead.

Can she be trusted to tell the whole truth and nothing but?!?

It doesn't appear that anybody on this show is capable of that. But ABC Family has released 24 (!!!) photos from the March 18 finale - and, by the looks of all this running and window jumping, someone doesn't like the five girls being together again.

Also, Noel Kahn will pay a visit in present day and he might be up to his old hijinks -- reporting in to A or a minion while spying outside a window.

Who did Ali see the night she disappeared? Ian Thomas and none other than Ezra Fitz. Did you buy that whole sob story about finding out about her death from afar? Seems like you might have been fooled again. 

Enjoy the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale pics and sound off: What do you think Ali will reveal and who is chasing the girls from spot to spot??

Need to a refresher on who all of the old familiar faces are?

Pick out the best episodes and watch Pretty Little Liars online to make sure you don't miss a trick. 

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