Parks and Recreation Review: Pride of Labor

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Ron's a father!

I love that we as the audience found this out at the same time as Leslie on Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 15. And what other possible name could Ron Swanson name his baby boy other than John?

Part of me would have liked to see Ron raise a daughter, but Diane already has two girls, so it makes sense that the writers would want Ron to be interacting with different genders.

On to Leslie: First, I'm not sure anyone on this earth cares as much about Pawnee as she does! It's bittersweet, really, to see so many of her best efforts wasted on unappreciative Pawneeans and Eagletonians. But Leslie is the heart of this show and if she gave up, the series would become something quite bleak.

What's nice about this episode is that Leslie was redeemed by that job offer to run a branch of national parks in Chicago.

It's so important to feel validated about your work and Leslie is consistently told she's doing everything wrong by the town's citizens. Even though she has the best coworkers and friends, sometimes we all need to be told we're doing things right by people outside our general circle.

I hope Leslie does someday leave Pawnee. Although, when she does leave town, the series may be as good as over. I wonder if the sitcom could showcase a number of the characters in different locations. They've done it temporarily, but not for longer that five or six episodes.

As for Tom tonight, as much as I love that he's passionate about an idea, I wish it was an idea other than a restaurant. I just think Tom is so much more innovative and exciting than a restaurant. Regardless, I hope "Chicky Chicky Parm Parm" is on the menu. 

Another good week for Parks and Recreation. Can't wait to see how this season will wind down. 

Will Leslie take that Chicago job by the end of Parks and Recreation Season 6?

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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

My son is several weeks old. He is very familiar with the sound of power tools.


I’d like to introduce you to my son. John, middle name redacted, Swanson.