Supernatural Review: Return of the Ghostfacers

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A wise prophet once said, “The drama, the fighting? It’s stupid.”

And like many viewers, Kevin Tran’s speech in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 14 about Sam and Dean getting over their current problem rings true.

We all want the Winchester brothers to be best buds again, and we’d like to think that the two can eventually move forward together. Because the option we don’t want - the actual parting of ways, severing of ties - is the sad one and a possibility both brothers witnessed in the latest installment.

While Supernatural Season 9 Episode 15 was focused on the monster of the week, Thinman, it was the familial drama that was at its core. And bringing along the return of the Ghostfacers overtly reiterated the concept.

I always thought the Ghostfacers were a fun and goofy addition to the series, so I was pleased Ed and Harry came back (and yes, a brief Ghostafacers theme). Their initial meet-up with Sam and Dean at the diner was humorous, especially because we all know the Winchesters are the experienced hunters no matter what Ed and Harry think.

There were some lighthearted moments from the duo, but that soon took a downward spiral as their partnership echoed Sam and Dean’s current predicament. Sure, Ed and Harry’s are on a smaller scale, but the parallel’s (living a normal life, lying and trust, trying to hold onto your best friend by any means) were obvious.

Sometimes the dialogue was painfully obvious, and really, the Ghostfacers were a plot device for Sam and Dean. But on some level, I was OK with that.

Did I wish that the two stayed happy and comical? Yes, but I liked that Sam and Dean got to see essentially their argument on the outside. Sometimes, it’s a lot harder to recognize the issues until you see them from another perspective.

It’s just disappointing that the Ghostfacers had to go their separate ways in order to illustrate exactly what could happen to Sam and Dean. There just might be an empty rocking chair beside them.

But I like to think that those moments might help push them towards getting over their issues and realize that this is one of those times to do so.

I really want moments like Sam and Dean laughing and reminiscing about their youth. The story about Sam jumping off the roof as Batman was funny and touched on those feel good moments we grew to love about the brotherly bond.

And really, the whole hunt itself, aside from the fact we knew Sam and Dean were fighting, harkened back to those days of tracking down urban legends.

As for Thinman himself, a take off of Slenderman (who probably couldn’t be used because of copyright issues) was a very cool and scary monster of the week. The faceless being that appears behind people taking selfies or really anywhere is just creepy.

I’m still unsure how I feel about Thinman actually just being people, as I was kind of hoping the creature would be more than just the meme that Ed created.

It was interesting that the hour chose the direction, especially with both people getting killed at the end. Dean’s Mark of Cain maybe contributed? But it does bring up that fact that the guys going for hardcore cosplay weren’t demons or vampires or monsters. They were just people, and that is a far more gray area, even if the people are sick wackos.

At least, there was acknowledgment on the show itself that it was very Scooby Doo in its reveal. If it weren’t for those meddling kids…

But everything comes back to Sam and Dean drama, a drama I’m ready to get over, but one that obviously still needs time before a final move from the brothers. Were the parallels perhaps too obvious? Maybe.

But I’m hoping that if anything Sam and Dean are taking something in from the Ghostfacers, from Kevin’s speech, etc.. The boys have always managed to get into fights and have drama. They’ve both done wrong, and they’ve both done right. It's time to move forward, guys.

Just don’t make the same move Ed and Harry did.

Were you glad the Ghostfacers returned?


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