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Lorne Malvo's car crash and pit stop in Bemidji is beginning to look like his downfall.

He's proven to be a clever man very good at his job, but the accident was not part of his plan and it's left a trail for Deputy Molly Solverson to follow. She's on him for the death of the boxer clad accountant and now with Gus Grimley's help, she may be able to pin the murders of Sam Hess and Chief Vern Thurman on him as well.

Fargo Season 1 Episode 3 provided a shift in the tale from being entirely in Lorne and Lester's favor to providing the impetuous for their capture and punishment. Though, since this is Fargo, it's unlikely to be a clear path.

Chief Bill Oswalt is even more incompetent than his predecessor let on. No other character makes me cringe as much as when he's on screen (Well, except maybe when Lester messed with his wound. That was disgusting!) Bill just doesn't understand what an investigation entails and he seems excessively afraid of confrontation.

I hate to say it, but maybe he will slip on the ice that Lester pretended to and get some sense knocked into him. Even better, he could fall in the ice hole Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench dropped the guy in!

I continue to love Molly. Whenever she's on-screen I find myself with a smile on my face. She's witty and very smart. Despite Bill's continual warnings, she's determined to get to solve the murders. She may have been taken off the Hess and Nygaard murders, but she's going to work the case she was assigned and find the connection.

I mentioned in my last review that I'd love to see Molly and Gus get together and they've did meet. His daughter set it all into motion by suggesting he make his confession in person. She was highly irritated at first, but given what she knows about Lorne, she seemed to understand why Gus let the man killer go.

Now that they have Lorne's photo, it won't be long before start connecting the dots. It will be interesting to see how Lester fits into it all. His shotgun pellet wound is getting to the point of no return. He's either going to have to have it looked at or he's going to die. Perhaps that's why he went out shooting with his brother. 

Lester proven to be smarter than he initially let on, so getting shot again or just using it as a cover could work. I doubt he's going to maintain his cool if she starts getting pressured by Molly. Or now that Gus is around, he could go after Lester to prevent Bill's wrath. Either way, Lester will go insane with his secret or he'll give himself up somehow.

Back in Duluth, Lorne has taken on a new mission. He's taken over the extortion plot from the idiotic, bronzer-leaving trainer for himself. He's going to work for Stravos to find the blackmailer and be the blackmailer at the same time. The best part of it will be watching Stravos give up his dirty deed to Lorne. It's gonna be crazy awesome.

Lorne is pushing all the right buttons. He killed the man's dog (Sorry, Doggie), scared him, and then had the man shower in blood. That's down right frightening. There's no way Stravos will continue to stay quiet. He's going to squeal all his deep dark secrets to Lorne and that will provide his employee an even bigger payout.

As horrible as Lorne is, he's captivating to watch work. He's brilliant. His cockiness will be his downfall though. Cameras, man, wear a mask!

I'm still loving Fargo. The quirkiness works well. It's not so over the top to be ridiculous, instead it's even somewhat believable given the context of the world. I love the little moments like Mrs. Hess trying to seduce Lester, her son shooting his brother, Molly and her best friend's dinner conversation, etc. They add to this crazy and fun world.

What was the most disgusting moment?

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You're screwed. You made a choice. I'm the consequence.


Lorne: You're an idiot. Good news: I'm taking over.