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The episode begins with a flashback to explain the story behind the man in underwear from Lorne's trunk. He was an accountant who owed someone money. Molly tracked him to his office and got Lorne's photo from the surveillance video. She now has a suspect.

Lorne shows up at the fitness center and tells the trainer he's in charge of the blackmail plan against Stravos now. He's working the case and the blackmailer. He kills Stravos' dog and drugs him. Then puts blood in his pipes while the man is showering. Lorne has a $1 million ruse going on.

Lester struggles with what he did. He's approached by Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench and then saved when Molly shows up. She "accidentally" shows him a picture of Lorne and Lester freaks out.

Gus reveals to his boss about his encounter with Lorne after he finds out the car was stolen. He goes to Bemidji and tells Molly. She shows him Lorne's picture and they have a suspect. She puts out an APB for him.


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Fargo Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You're screwed. You made a choice. I'm the consequence.


Lorne: You're an idiot. Good news: I'm taking over.