The Americans Review: Danger

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The spy game is dangerous. Very dangerous!

In The Americans Season 2 Episode 11, Nina's situation took a dangerous turn. She has two men putting their own lives and careers on the line for her, but it may not be enough to save her. 

Meanwhile, the Jennings are at greater risk than ever before with Jared and Larrick both out there threatening them in different ways. At least, they are somewhat protected through their various disguises and identities. It's just a matter of whether they can isolate the danger before they do harm.

It's becoming more and more difficult to find the Jennings sympathetic. During The Americans season 1, they struggled with assimilating their jobs and lives in America while wondering if they were doing the right thing, This season, they've lost any doubt about their undercover lives for the homeland and blindly believed the propaganda that they're being fed.

Elizabeth's concern about Paige becoming indoctrinated by religion is understandable since she's a non-believer regardless of her loyalty to the Soviet Union. What I don't understand is why she doesn't just have a conversation with her daughter about her own beliefs. Paige clearly knows her parents are not religious, so it wouldn't be a shock. Elizabeth could easily leave out the parts about her Soviet party beliefs.

At least Elizabeth did recognize that her daughter's determination is a good quality and one that she gets from her mother. Perhaps, they will find common ground on political issues now that Paige wants to protect the US military. Though, if she wanted to support that other side, I'm sure the conversation wouldn't have gone smoothly at all.

The Jennings have other concerns on their minds as well. Larrick is out to kill them for infiltrating the training camp and murdering his friends. He got to Kate without a problem and his lack of patience was telling. Instead of continuing to interrogate her, he just snapped her neck and moved on. His impulsiveness makes him even more dangerous.

I'm not sure what to make of the Jared situation. Kate's last message to the Jennings was to save him. Since she was visiting him without a disguise and he didn't identify the drawings that Stan showed it, it appears he knows more about his parents then he let Elizabeth know. 

It's looking like she made a big mistake in destroying his mother's letter to him. Maybe she can make it up to him by getting him to safety and telling him the contents of the letter. If they aren't quick about getting him out, he could become a greater threat to them. He can ID them to the FBI.

They are also dealing with the Centre's desperate desire to get information on the Stealth program. The risks continue to increase for the Jennings and others involved. Nina's sweet deal with the KGB and FBI is blowing up on her. She's lucky that Oleg has real feelings for her or she wouldn't even know the level of danger she's in.

Oleg's warning to run if she can't get the information from Stan was touching. Initially, he was just an arrogant company man, but through his relationship with Nina, he's become much more relatable and even honorable. It's too bad that she'd playing him. She continues to withhold information from him and Arkady.

She's clearly smitten with Stan even though she confessed her relationship to Arkady. She made a smart move to bring it to him on her own, rather than risk being caught. The problem is that she's not going to put Stan at greater risk. And even if he wants to get her out, it may not be within his ability to save her.

It's messy and going to be a wild ride to see how Nina handles the situation and which side she ultimately ends up supporting.

Stan's marriage is basically over, so it will be easier for him to commit himself to Nina and help her out. The scene between Stan and Sandra was depressing. The silent moments were more telling and informative then any words they said to each other. Sandra hasn't really contributed much to the story, so maybe it is time for them to divorce.

There's only two episode left and I won't even hazard a guess at where the story will end up at the season's end. There's so many different directions that it could go. Everyone is in some sort of danger.

Who will Nina end up with?

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