Continuum Review: Kiera's Killer Revealed?

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So much is happening and Continuum Season 3 Episode 10 makes it appear as if there is no way the future is going to end up as Kiera originally hoped.

Nor is she as worried about that possibility as she once was.

Everyone has changed so subtly, but any alteration should have a significant impact on whatever future there is out there. I only hope that one day we will see, at the very end of Continuum, exactly what changes have been delivered to the future.

That has to be their ultimate goal, right? 

Dillon came clean with Kiera about Christine and asked for her help to free his daughter from the grasp of Liber8, but once Kiera decided it was best to bring down Gauntum, Dillon had a change of heart. The potential of a cure for Alzheimers was more appealing to Dillon than losing Christine as he did Betty. That's not saying a lot about Dillon.

Kiera's decision to put a halt to Guantum's ground breaking research was due to their base drug. It wasn't even a variant, but a complete derivitate of street-drug Flash, which is highly addictive. Considering Kiera knew that Guantum goes on to cure the common cold and become a major player in the GCC, siding with Liber8 in her desire to stop them lends weight to her changing views on her own future.

For a while, I thought Christine might be reconsidering her position on Liber8, because they continue to make so much more sense than big corporations running things. Sonya took Christine to see Julian as she sought answers to why Liber8 can't get ahead of the corporate spin doctors to make what Liber8 is exposing more disgusting to the public. No matter what they expose, there is little outrage. 

Julian shares what must be his manifesto with Sonya and Christine. As he does that, Alec shows up on Kellog's suggestion to offer his brother the position of Vice President of Social Responsibility in Piron as a way to work with corporations instead of against the, and to make HALO a social movement rather than merely a product. It's a way to get around the pre-GCC and their desires to shut Alec down before he gets ahead of himself.

Julian doesn't seem impressed, but Sonya is with his writings. She says he's Theseus, but Julian says he's himself. Julian is a lot less militant than he was in the original timeline we worked with and I hope he remains himself and becomes a leader. He doesn't need to hide behind Theseus; he has the philosophy and morals to be a powerful leader without succumbing to a gimmick. 

Alec continues to make poor decisions, yet Kiera still hasn't reached the conclusion that she locked the wrong one up. All I can think is at least they didn't kill our original Alec, because he's going to be needed. Taking dead Kiera's CMR worked on HALO. Jason was the first to wear it and went through a complete transformation... for a while. After wearing it for a period of time, he was unable to draw and easily agitated.

Carlos learned that Alec took dead Kiera, but Alec never owned up to what he did with her. He told Carlos it was to give her a proper sendoff and Kiera even ended up going along. Carlos has come to terms with his new Kiera and seemed genuinely happy that she was with him. Alec's been so caught up in his own world that he appeared to have forgotten Kiera had her own CMR and would notice dead Kiera no longer had hers before she was annihilated and sent to a Vikings funeral in time and space.

Naturally, this put Kiera and Alec at odds. It may have killed their relationship forever. When Alec decided not to give Kiera the information on who killed her, I was pretty much done with him. Reviewing dead Kiera's CMR showed that the stranger fired the shot that killed her. 

Kiera still feels an odd connection to the stranger and helps him regain his memory -- to a point. We're going to have to wait for the rest. What we do know is his name is Brad Tonkin, he's in the Cowichan River militia and he saw his wife, Melinda, and his daughter, Elenia, killed. He relived their deaths when he used the Alzheimers drug. 

He also knows he's on a one way mission and the reason he lived is because he volunteered. Earlier, Kiera visited the Freelancers to get back the piece of technology she gave to them a while back -- the gizmo retrieved from the safety deposit box in Continuum Season 3 Episode 3. If you recall, Catherine thought it might come from a different timeline. It could also be from a time farther in the future than we've yet explored.

Either way, Brad had it and the Freelancers won't let Kiera take another look at it. Their partnership isn't as reciprocal as she was lead to believe.

As Brad and Kiera are talking, she admits she held on to the thought of her son, Sam, for a long time after arriving. She was doing everything she could to get back to him. She now thinks that her being here might benefit Sam more than hurt him. That's another indicator of her shifting loyalties. Brad is certain everything she thinks, including the possibility that she could ever get back to her family, is a lie. Even with her changing attitude, the idea throws Kiera a bit.

What is the truth about Brad? Was he sent back to kill Kiera? Given what I know of Continuum, it seems too easy. Right now evidence points to him killing dead Kiera. But Curtis was still there when it happened. Could Brad have been sent back to protect Kiera -- a la the Terminator -- and killed her by mistake? He could have been aiming for Curtis. We won't know for sure his motives until we know his story.

I think there's little doubt that as they sat in the room together, he knew very well why the name Kiera Cameron was so important to him. To kill or protect seem the only options.

With only three episodes left, it's about to come speeding to an exciting conclusion. What do we want to learn before season's end?

  • We have to learn what Brad was up to and what the piece of technology he brought does.
  • We need to know who the freelancers have behind closed doors.
  • We need to learn the true story between dead Kiera, Curtis and Brad.
  • I hope they reveal how Julian intends to present himself as the leader of Liber8.
  • It will also be interesting to see if Kiera has a change of heart about which Alec she got rid of and how that plays out.

What do you want to see before the end of Continuum Season 3? If you need to catch up or get some details about what lead to this hour, you can watch Continuum online via TV Fanatic.

Why do you think Brad was sent to this timeline?

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