Orange is the New Black Review: Did It Matter?

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That was an oddly unsatisfying conclusion to Orange is the New Black Season 2.

Sure, some things boiled over in Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 13, but overall it was a bit disappointing. 

This season we had the big bad and for a few short minutes she kind of felt bad before escaping and getting hit by a fleeing Rosa in a prison van. Personally, I wanted to see Vee suffer.

Vee and Suzanne

There was a lot of damage done by vee's brief stay in Litchfield, especially to Crazy Eyes, who has lost all rights to the name Suzanne again because she was so willing to throw herself away for that manipulative bitch. I understand that she has mental issues, but she was on the right path for a while, even before vee's arrival. Can she find redemption in Orange is the New Black Season 3?

The black sisterhood found their way back to each other. Turning on vee was a prison-wide event, not divided by race. That was a plus.

Sister Ingalls had friends who showed up to support her hunger strike, resulting in some kooky moments when O'Neill shared his personal feelings with Catholics about them and Caputo shouting "Scatter the nuns!" as Rosa sped by in the prison van. Otherwise, their appearance didn't amount to much.

Caputo got one over on Fig before she was (probably) asked to resign (although she'd never admit it) by blowing him in an attempt to keep her misdeeds silent. He had already delivered the goods. Do I think Caputo will do a better job than Fig? Sure. But he'll still have problems.

Caputo already wants to look better than conditions are by shutting people up until he's given the position permanently. Bribing Bennett with sending Daya to max for taunting guards (or whatever) was a special touch once he learned about him being the real father of Daya's baby. But, he didn't see his ass pumping in the mops, so he can justify putting it out of his mind.

We had to endure Parry or Lolly as they shared their love with Piper. Talk about odd. For those betting on the odd couple to win, just think how quickly Polly decided to call the probation officer for Piper once she heard the jealousy in Larry's voice at the thought of Alex returning to prison with Piper. Yep -- they're headed for destruction.

Piper may think her love connection with Alex will spark back up, but those lies will come back to bite her in the ass. They always do. 

Nicky is going to need a strong Red more than ever now that she has a wall full of heroin glaring at her. Can she resist? She could barely pick herself up off the floor and leave it behind.

My favorite part was seeing young Rosa driving the van as the police were hot on her tail. You know she has no intention of dying of cancer and she'll be shot during the chase. It's too bad she didn't have a wad of cash to sniff on her way out.

It all makes sense, really. Things don't really change in prison. There is just a different story on a different day. People go in and when they come out, they're not the same. The lives they knew are gone forever. 

What grade would you give Orange is the New Black Season 2?

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Figueroa: So we're good?
Caputo: I do like you down on your knees.

You're still hot. I mean you're a horrible person, but you're hot as hell.