Orange is the New Black Review: Flaming Bags of Poo

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Having the entire series of a show at your fingertips for binge watching can be wonderful.

You can also get worn out by the same characters, especially if you are not fond of one.

Here we are, at Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 10, and I am done with Vee. Too much time has been spent on her character at the expense of others. This was the first time we saw barely a hint of Sophia all season and what we were given wasn't enough.

Her son came to visit. That's all!

Nicky Comforts Morello

Vee came into the prison and wanted to make it her bitch. For some reason, none of her girls sees what a menace she is. All they see is stuff. Candy and back rubs and other inmates treating them well for some of their poison. Taystee is a wasted character as she just does what she's told.

Suzanne is nothing more than a trained dog, happy to beat the fudge out of Poussey with the nod of Vee's head and just as quick to stop with a second nod. 

It was interesting that Healy (who I've grown to like this season quite a bit) was talking to Pennsatucky about projection. When Vee told Red she wanted to share her sewage grate and Red said she doesn't know how to share, Vee tried to throw it back onto Red; to make her look inward at how much she had changed. They used to be friends. That is projection. Her own head is a flaming bag of poo and she can't see through the flames.

Vee has sent characters to their very edges. Poussey got wicked drunk because she couldn't deal with the loss of her friends and the potential loss of her work assignment. Nicky struggled with a back of heroin until she gave it to Red. If anyone knows of a redeeming quality Vee has or why we would want so much of our time wasted on her. lemme know.

It was shocking that Christopher visited Morello and outed her as a stalker. Only Nicky saw and until they were together and Nicky reminded Morello that she's beautiful and worthy of love, I had completely forgotten about their relationship at the beginning of Orange is the New Black Season 1

Piper has made real friends in prison and has lost them outside. She lied to Red about her family business. What good would it do to tell her it was all gone? Red was so happy to hear about Piper's experience there, and Red's boys won't out Piper's lie. Red gave Piper a letter from Alex, but it took her forever to read it.

The catalyst was discovering it was Polly who slept with Larry. Back when Alex and Piper first started dating, Alex's girlfriend put a flaming bag of poo on her doorstep and Pipes fell for the old trick and stomped it out. Piper enlisted the aid of her sister in law and brother to help her get back at Polly. Polly had a fire extinguisher, but she got the message.

Finally, Daya just wants Bennett to love her and say it out loud. She's really a confused young thing. If the father of her baby goes to prison, who will take care of the baby? It will go into the system and never be seen again. Caputo and Fig get Daya to confess that she screwed Pornstache, and Daya even went to far as to admit to Fig that she lead him on. 

Stache was still fired and lead away in handcuffs. On his way through the halls, he stopped next to Daya, declared his love, kissed her and said he would be back to take care of her and the baby. Daya looked at Bennett. Pornstache had just done the one thing she wanted from Bennett and it seemed as if their relationship changed in that moment. While she was imagining someone doing it, she could forgive him. Seeing it done and Stache manning up, maybe not anymore.

Brook Soso has been having a hunger strike and Yoga finally decided to stand with her. I think it will be the next big story. That can't all be for naught. Only three episodes left to review of Orange is the New Black Season 2 and then we're barren for another year. That's another of those pesky detriments to having an entire series at once.

Should Bennett man up and admit the baby is his, joining Stache in prison?

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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

You can't walk home without your shoes. They're nice shoes.
Piper. They're from Marshall's. F*ck you.


Alex: What kind of a lesbian are you?
Piper: The boob-touching kind.