Orange is the New Black Review: Male Fraud

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Even though we focused on the back story of Morello in Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 4, the other stories held just as much weight. The storytelling style is really coming into its own as it's so easy to seamlessly transition from one scenario to the next.

Morello makes a side trip while out in the van, Piper goes about procuring her old goods, Red tries to get back in the good graces of her friends and Soso finds herself in an interesting position.

Let's not forget all of the talk of lady bits and the authority on the subject -- Sophia. 

Big Boo Wants to Move

The Blanket and the Orgasm Book

Nicky's orgasm book (hey, she's gotta collect something!) set up poor Soso to be the ball in the competition between Nicky and Big Boo. Piper helped when she realized where her stuff went. I guess they don't give it away -- the other inmates just jack it all. Make seven more sense than the prison tossing it.

Poor Brook listened to Piper and her tales of rape and assault as Piper worked damn hard to sell the bill of goods (the protection of Boo) just to get her prison blanket back. How far Piper has fallen that she'd be willing to pimp out a new girl for a blanket.

However, Piper is not a good saleswoman. The irony was that Piper's inability to sell Boo set the stage for Nicky to swoop in and win the prize.

Male Fraud

Morello is still holding out hope for Christopher, but what's her choice? Without hope, is there anything else that would keep someone alive while they're in prison? We finally get to see Morello's back story and put some context into her life with the well-known Christopher. Morello can weave one hell of a tale!

The first two things that hit me were a) Christopher was nothing more than a dream and b) I hope she didn't wind up in prison for getting refunds on merchandise that was received. What a bitch that would be.

Then we saw how Morello met Christopher and the irony of him telling her in the post office that it seemed like she was involved in mail fraud and I thought -- OMG -- that has to be why she's in prison. Mail fraud would be a federal offense. Who needs stuff that bad?! But no... it was male fraud

Morello was a frakkin' stalker. In hindsight, her obsession with Christopher and the wedding makes perfect sense in context. She was accused of putting a bomb under his girlfriend's car! I didn't see that coming, but I couldn't fault her for wanting to sink into that tub. Oh wasn't that tub glorious?!

Spike and the Escape Plan

Piper isn't exactly a pariah like Red, but I love them ending up as cube mates. Piper is just pissed at the world and she set about getting all of the crap that was stolen from her by other inmates in her absence, but Red has been robbed of everything thanks to Pornstache and his drug dealing.

The two of them bonding over the unwanted hairs that sprout up on a girl's face when she's not looking was oddly touching. It's something that only women can understand; how one second they're barely there and the next day it's a mile long and living a separate existence on your face. 

Red's loneliness lead her to check out the greenhouse and when a mouse went under the floorboards, she discovered something that made her want to be in there all the time. It's a grate. Is Red going to make a run for it and will she take anyone with her?

Stand and Deliver

Poussey's plan to create the "Stand and Deliver" standing female peeing device is what started the entire thing "whole other hole" conversation. It's really quite scary to think that grown women can go through life not knowing their own anatomy.

Everyone gathering around as Taystee tried to locate her various holes, then being told even more incorrect information by Poussey before Sophia, who designed her own, stepped in with the truth was mind boggling -- and hilarious. 

Sophia ends up bringing beautiful charts detailing the female anatomy with her suggestion that everyone go back to their bunks and get to know their cha-chas. What a night that must have been!

Orange is the New Black Season 2 is so intense! Everything has been kicked up a couple notches. It's the ultimate show for binge watching. With every hour it's impossible not to press play for the next episode. What are you thinking so far?

Did you see the Morello twist coming?

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