Supernatural Season 9 Report Card: Grade It!

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Angels on Earth. Crowley fighting to maintain leadership of Hell. And Winchester brotherly drama to the extreme.

After nine years, you'd think fighting the supernatural would be a lot easier for Sam and Dean.

While Supernatural Season 9 seemed overly full of its storylines (some not so great), the trip to find balance on Earth and with Sam and Dean ultimately led right back to what makes this series so exciting. Can you still believe that last minute shot with Dean!?

Join us as we run down Supernatural Season 9 in our latest TV Fanatic Report Card...

Are We Going to Interrogate an Angel?

Best Episode: I'm going with the mid-season finale that ended with dramatic consequences, Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9. This was a snowballing of chaos that included plenty of angel fighting angel actions, some true backstory about Gadreel and the heartbreaking death of Kevin Tran. This was a major turning point for the season that would amp up Dean's desires to take down Metatron, and the hour was just full of Supernatural goodness that included its key players.

Worst Episode: It's really not surprising the CW didn't pick up the Supernatural spin-off after Supernatural Season 9 Episode 20. Maybe outside of the Supernatural realm, it might have had a better chance, but ultimately, this hour was a soap opera that was overly glossy in its efforts to push dramatic family struggles and forbidden love. Yes, Sam and Dean were there, but they too by the end took the first phone call as an excuse to get out of there. The only real redeeming aspect was actor Nathaniel Buzolic, who brought a charm and likeabiltiy to his role.

Best Character: Sam and Dean will ultimately always top the list as great characters, but that's too easy of a choice. So I'm going to mirror my Supernatural Season 8 Report Card choice with Crowley. He's continued to be such a great addition to the show and actor Mark Sheppard nails it every time. Whether he's whipping out clever quips, raging against his enemies, showing some human emotion after his human blood addiction or just being classic Crowley, he's the villain you love to watch.

And his final scene with Dean in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 23 was a mesmerizing one explaining to the brother the circumstances of his "death." He's certainly solidified his mark on Supernatural history.

Worst Character: While there were plenty of angels that barely had time to stick around for me to remember their names, a character like Ennis at least had a whole episode pretty much devoted to him in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 20. Unfortunately, Ennis turned out to be rather uninteresting, and everything he said and did felt extreme and forced.

Even his choice to kill a human (not a supernatural creature) made no sense. It was like the episode was trying too hard, especially with this character, and I'm perfectly OK if we never get back to Chicago to check up on him.

Character I Want to Return: This has to be Cain. His one time appearance (played by Timothy Omundson) was memorable, and I loved the backstory for his character and the dark path he took. Plus, his ominous warning to Dean before transferring the Mark of Cain means he's bound to reappear. Or maybe, I'm just hoping he will.

Hopes for Supernatural Season 10: Jumping right off into Dean as a demon, I hope we see that storyline play out and not necessarily get fixed at the end of the premiere. I'm curious to see Dean with his powers, especially how he'll act now that he's a demon.

Ultimately (and if this does wind up being the last season), I'd at least like to see Sam and Dean reunited for the last half of the season on the same page, together, without some drama in the way, fighting the good fight with all their great banter and brotherly ways right until the last credits roll.

Really, I'd like to see this next season focus on one major thing, so it doesn't become overcrowded in an effort to get to that final moment. But either way, I can't wait to see what happens next. Supernatural always gets me excited for its next season.

Overall Grade: B-

Your turn, TV Fanatics! What would you grade Supernatural Season 9?

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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