One Tree Hill Rewind: Crash Into You

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If you are watching a television show about teens, chances are there's going to be a big house party episode in the first season.

One Tree Hill Season 1 Episode 4 was just that. 

After showing that he wouldn't back down from hazing, Lucas does have a secret stubborn side, Nathan tried a different approach. He invited Lucas to a post-winning party at the Scott's beach house.

Let's not forget that Haley made Nathan promise that he won't mess with Lucas anymore. Nathan needed Haley to trust him in order to really get to Lucas. Hey, didn't it seem out of place when Peyton noted that Nathan told her everything? They never really seemed like a super close couple.

Peyton: How's the tutoring going? You're tutoring Nathan, right? It's ok. He tells me everything.
Haley: Yeah, he said he needed some help.
Peyton: Maybe you could teach him to stop being such a jackass.
Haley: I will put that on the lesson plan.
Peyton: Just be careful, ok?
Haley: Yeah, sure.
Peyton: Does Lucas know you're helping Nathan? (Haley looks at her in disgust.) You know, you say a lot when you keep your mouth shut. It's okay. I'll keep mine shut, too.

I'm not sure why Lucas agreed to go to the party. I'm sure it was all part of his "I won't back down" plan. Nathan exhibited real Grade A douchebag behavior. The sad part is that it worked on Lucas. 

Lucas got to see what life could've been like if Dan had chosen Karen and not Deb. He wonders what it would've been like to grow up the rich kid. Luckily, Lucas wasn't the only one who took notice of how much of a jerk Nathan had been.

Peyton: It's not about the car. It's about you. I finally saw you clearly for the first time last night. The way you treated me, the way you treated Tim, the way you treated your brother.
Nathan: Don't call him that.
Peyton: And the way you're playing that girl.
Nathan: What? Are you talking about Haley? Is that what this is about? Peyton, she means nothing.
Peyton: Okay, if that's the case, then you're an ass. And even if she does mean something, you're still an ass, and what's really sad, Nathan, is that you're too stupid to get that. So thank you for being such an amazing son of a bitch last night. You really made this a no-brainer.
Nathan: I'll call you when you're not so PMS.

The only upside of Nathan's crappy behavior was that he also started defying Dan. Ah the beginning of people actually standing up to the great villain Dan Scott. Those were the days. Little did we know...

By the end of the episode, Lucas felt bad for his behavior. That's the side of Lucas we usually get: the good son, the guy who wants to talk things out. Then he realized that something was going on with Haley and Nathan when he found her hat in Peyton's car. Uh oh.

The beginning of Naley, my friends.

So, was this some of Nathan's worst behavior?

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One Tree Hill Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Peyton: He really slammed you.
Lucas: I don't care what he thinks.
Peyton: Neither do I.
Lucas: Oh yeah? Then why are you drinking?

Haley: I'm really fine.
Nathan: Little high on yourself, aren't you? Going around saying you're all fine?