Tyrant Review: Truth Prevails

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Is it possible that Jamal will be a different and better leader than his father?

When he was first introduced that didn't seem to be possible. Jamal was a sick man fixated on abusing women to demonstrate his power and feed his own ego. The assassination attempt failed, but his victim emasculated him at least temporarily.

On Tyrant Season 1 Episode 3, Jamal seemingly had everything he ever wanted. He's President, his wife returned to his bed, he had his son by his side and his brother to council him. With a support system around him and power by title, will Jamal be satisfied and find a way to be a just ruler? I'm not sure, but it will be a wild ride with him at the helm of a country.

Even though Bassam was absent for years, his brother trusts him almost unconditionally. As the pieces of the assassination attempt and the punishment came together, it was up to Bassam to make sure justice was served. Jamal didn't have the upbringing or clarity of mind to do the right thing.

Bassam was shocked and disgusted to learn how his brother violated the woman from the market, yet he didn't question the truthfulness of her husband. Bassam knew in his heart that his brother was capable of that abuse. Despite his brother's horrific actions, he didn't abandon Jamal, instead he knew he was needed more than ever and his job would be more difficult than he imagined.

Bassam's proved over the first three episodes of Tyrant Season 1 that he can look at a complex situation and come up with a unique solution to the problem that will satisfy the norms of the county, while being just. In this case, Bassam convinced Jamal to respond to what really happened, not the false evidence established to protect the regime.

The rebels may be a threat to Jamal and his rule, but they were not responsible for the attempt on the new President's life. They could try again or perhaps because of his new direction they will reconsider their opposition. When Samira saw the news of their release, she had a look on her face that indicated a softening of her contempt for the regime. 

Bassam's solution maintained the integrity of the new Presidency, while also demonstrating Jamal's swift call for justice and punishment. The innocent were freed, the sons of his victim were cared for and the guilty man was executed. With the world watching, they got it right. It may not have been justice as Bassam would expect in the United States, but it was a new promising way for Abuddin.

I'm intrigued to see what the rebel leader does next. And how Fauzi's relationship with Bassam will evolve given his daughter's affiliation and information he provided to his friend. I fear that as Bassam influences Jamal, he may also be pulled in the other direction as well.

Did Bassam make a mistake having his family stay with him?

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