Tyrant Review: Lion and the Lion Tamer

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The future of Abuddin was up in the air on Tyrant Season 1 Episode 6.

With the protests in the plaza growing, Jamal was forced to make a difficult decision about whether to meet with the Sheik or not. The council continued to be divided with Bassam supporting a peaceful resolution, while Jamal's uncle wanted a military solution.

Exiled Opposition

Bassam's outside perspective is necessary to save Jamal and his family's legacy. He has an understanding of the new world that his brother is just beginning to grasp. It's not just cameras everywhere and Youtube, but the intolerance of the world and people to accept a dictatorship.

Whether it happened today, next year, or five years from now, Abuddin would have to change to survive. The ramifications of using military force to clear the plaza would outweigh the protests that would be ended. The outrage over 200 deaths would bring even more people into the streets and heighten the threat to the regime and the country as a whole.

Bassam understood that and guided Jamal to the same conclusion. The outcome was even more far-reaching than either of them could have expected when the Sheik arrived for their meeting. The sick, old man didn't hold back on his demand and went big. He wanted democracy. 

Initially, that request appeared ludicrous. Even though Jamal fears being killed like Gaddafi, I didn't think there was anyway he would give into the possibility of giving up the Presidency. Jamal's strived for power his whole life and now that he's gotten it, why would he willingly risk it?

Out of necessity. 

Bassam was insightful in his guidance regarding the elections. Win or lose, Jamal would be okay. He'd stop the protests immediately and whatever came next would work out. If he won, he'd gain the respect of the people and the world community. If he lost, he could live out his days in peace with great wealth.

While the Sheik appropriately referred to Jamal and Bassam as the Lion and Lion Tamer respectively, he poked the wrong Lion. The comment ruined the President's shining moment as the "Beacon of Hope" on 60 Minutes and triggered the violent Jamal. When the Sheik and Jamal ended up together alone in the bathroom, the writing was on the wall.

I have to suspend my disbelief a little for that scene though. It's difficult to imagine that the Sheik would be allowed to enter that bathroom without a security sweep or someone accompanying him. He's in enemy territory and he's a sick man. It's just as incredible that Jamal went in the bathroom without anyone knowing he was there.

Jamal's attack on the Sheik wasn't a smart move. It's unlikely that everyone or even most people would attribute the injuries to his illness. Given the polls and the location of the "fall," foul play should be suspected. If the Sheik dies, it's possible an even bigger threat to Jamal's Presidential run will emerge.

Jamal's quest to find love hit a major snag when he hit the Sheik. If the truth comes out, whatever love or even like there was for the President will shift into hate and defiance.

Whose 60 Minutes interview clip was your favorite?

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